Blood-Mixed Breast Milk, Can It Be Given to Babies?

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Blood-Mixed Breast Milk, Can It Be Given to Babies?
Blood-Mixed Breast Milk, Can It Be Given to Babies?

When you find blood stains in your breast milk, Busui might be hesitant to breastfeed your little one, right? Busui may think that this milk mixed with blood is not sterile, so it is not good for the little one. But, medically, is it okay to give breast milk mixed with blood to babies?

ASI is the best food and drink for babies. This is because breast milk contains a variety of important nutrients that can support the baby's growth and development process, such as protein, water, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, enzymes, antibodies, and also a number of minerals.

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The Cause of Breast Milk Mixed with Blood

Given the abundant nutritional content, all mothers of course try hard to give breast milk to their babies, either breastfeeding directly or having to express them first.

However, in some cases, there are obstacles that cause the breastfeeding process to be disrupted. One of them is the presence of blood in breast milk. This condition can be caused by various things, including:

Scratched and cracked nipples

Scratched and cracked nipples can be experienced by anyone, whether it's a mother who is breastfeeding for the first time or a mother who has breastfed her baby several times. Generally, this condition occurs due to improper attachment of the baby's mouth to the breast during feeding, thereby injuring the nipple and eventually causing the nipple to bleed.


Mastitis is an inflammation of the breast that can be caused by a blockage in the milk ducts or a bacterial infection. Some of the factors that can increase the mother's risk of developing this condition are having sores or blisters on the breast, wearing an inappropriate bra, or improper breastfeeding technique.

In addition to causing blood to mix into breast milk, this condition can also cause other symptoms, such as swollen breasts, extreme pain, and fever.

Swelling of blood vessels in the breast

Swelling of blood vessels in the breasts can occur due to increased blood flow to the breasts after giving birth. This can cause the appearance of blood in the breast milk that Busui releases. Even so, this condition usually subsides and goes away on its own within one week after Busui gives birth.

Facts about Breastfeeding Mixed with Blood for Babies

The appearance of blood in breast milk is certainly a cause for concern, isn't it, Busui? Especially if this is the first time Busui is breastfeeding her little one.However, Busui doesn't really need to worry too much when he finds blood in his breast milk. The reason is, the presence of a little blood in breast milk is still considered safe and it's okay to give it to babies.

It's just that some babies may spit up more often if they drink breast milk that has been mixed with blood. However, the presence of a little blood does not necessarily make the breast milk that Busui produces toxic or not good for babies to drink, right.

Breastmilk mixed with blood can indeed make any mother feel panicked. However, don't make this a barrier and eventually reduce Busui's interest in breastfeeding your little one, okay.

Busui needs to know, even though Busui has the condition that causes breast milk mixed with blood which has been described earlier, Busui is still recommended to breastfeed the baby as often as he needs. So, keep it up, Busui!

Although it tends to be safe to give breast milk mixed with blood to babies, but it would be nice if Busui stopped breastfeeding for a moment and checked with a doctor if this milk mixed with blood had lasted more than a week or there were quite a lot of blood droplets.

Because, although it rarely happens, the appearance of blood in breast milk that lasts for a long time could be a sign that Busui is suffering from breast cancer or other medical conditions that need to be treated quickly.

So, consult Busui's condition with a lactation consultant or doctor at the nearest hospital to find out more about the cause of breast milk mixed with blood, so that Busui is no longer worried about breastfeeding the baby.

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