Mother's Kiss Technique to Remove Foreign Body from Child's Nose

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Mother's Kiss Technique to Remove Foreign Body from Child's Nose
Mother's Kiss Technique to Remove Foreign Body from Child's Nose

Due to high curiosity, children often put foreign objects into their noses. Mother's kiss or mother's kiss is one technique to remove this foreign object from the child's nose. How to do mother's kiss ?

Age 2–5 years is a period of exploration for children, where their curiosity about something is very high, including inserting foreign objects into their bodies. Therefore, the occurrence of foreign bodies stuck in the nose and other body parts is common.

Mother's Kiss Technique to Remove Foreign Body from Child's Nose - Alodokter

Some foreign objects that are often stuck in the nose are toys, tissue, food, clay, or beads. Stuffing a foreign object in a child's nose can cause irritation, inflammation, and even aspiration.

To remove a foreign object from a child's nose, the mother's kiss technique is recommended as first aid. This technique utilizes a gentle blow of air from the mother's mouth to the little one's mouth, to push out foreign objects stuck in the nose.

How to do the Mother's Kiss Technique

Before doing the mother's kiss technique to remove foreign objects from the little one's nose, Mother needs to explain to her beforehand that she will be given a kiss on the mouth. This is important to instill a sense of trust in the little one, so that the mother's kiss technique can run smoothly.

After your little one calms down, you can do the mother's kiss technique by following these steps:

  • Place mother's mouth over child's mouth
  • Cover your little one's nostrils that are not blocked with your finger
  • Blow air gently into your little one's mouth until you feel the resistance caused by the closing of the glottis
  • After that, give a strong and fast exhalation, so that the wind passes through the back of the mouth which is connected to the nose (nasopharynx) and out through the blocked nostril
  • Do this technique repeatedly until the foreign object stuck in the nose gets out

The mother's kiss technique is safe and effective, even reaching 60% effectiveness. Even if it doesn't work, the mother's kiss technique that has been done can make it easier for the doctor to remove foreign bodies later.

Things to Pay Attention to When Removing a Foreign Body from a Child's Nose

In some cases, a foreign object stuck in the child's nose is not detected by the parents. Mother may know that there is an object stuck in the Little One's nose, but cannot confirm or see the existence of the object.

Well, to determine whether or not there is a foreign object in your little one's nose, there are some common symptoms, namely discharge from the nose and difficulty breathing.

The discharge from the nose may be dark, colorless, or bloody. If the nose is infected, the discharge will smell bad. Meanwhile, difficulty breathing will be marked by a loud noise that comes out when the child breathes.

If you find these symptoms in your little one, stay calm and do the mother's kiss technique as described above.

Mothers are not advised to pull stuck objects to prevent irritation to the child's nose.Also, make sure your little one doesn't try to inhale the stuck object by inhaling forcefully. This will make the object move further up and trigger a choke.

If the mother's kiss technique doesn't work to get the foreign object out of your little one's nose, take him to the doctor for further treatment.

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