Overachiever: Characteristics and How to Overcome Them

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Overachiever: Characteristics and How to Overcome Them
Overachiever: Characteristics and How to Overcome Them

Having goals in life and trying to achieve them is certainly a good thing. However, if you neglect your he alth and your environment to achieve these goals, you may be an overachiever. Come on, identify the characteristics of overachiever through this article

Overachiever, which is one of the characteristics of the INTJ personality, is an attitude when a person is always oriented to the end result, is never satisfied with the achievements that have been achieved, does not like criticism and failure, and justifies any means to complete tasks and achieve goals. the goal.

Overachiever: Characteristics and How to Overcome Them - Alodokter

An overachiever is often seen as a workaholic who is ignorant of himself and his surroundings. Sometimes, this attitude can appear positive, but if it continues, an overachiever is prone to experiencing physical and mental he alth problems.

Recognizing Overachiever Traits

It's natural for someone to work hard to get something. It is also natural for someone to give a gift or reward after he has struggled hard to reach his goal. However, not so with an overachiever.

A person with this attitude is not only ambitious, but also wants to always work, is always overshadowed by the fear of failure, and is ignorant of himself and his environment. In addition, an overachiever will also have the following characteristics:

  • Focus on the final result
  • Difficult to accept criticism and failure
  • Hungry for new goals, new deadlines, and new jobdesk
  • Ignore your own needs when you want to complete tasks, for example repeatedly working on holidays or being willing to stay up all day to avoid failure
  • Perfectionist
  • Often criticize and blame yourself when you fail
  • Excessive worrying about the future
  • Easily angry and frustrated
  • Excessive fear of looking weak and incompetent
  • Excessive fear if other people are disappointed in their efforts

How to Overcome Overachiever

If this is continuously done, an overachiever will eventually be prone to burnout, stress, depression, and even not having a good social life. Well, to overcome this attitude, there are several things that can be done, namely:

1. Consider the ambition that is being carried out

When you feel that your life has been out of balance lately, why do you get angry more easily, why are you so afraid of criticism, why do you get anxious often, try to reconsider the job or ambition you are pursuing? Is it still realistic? Or do the negatives outweigh the positives?

If the answer is unrealistic or the negative effects are more, you can take a step back or “brake” a little, so you have time to think clearly while looking for solutions to rebalance your ambitions and life.

2. Take care of yourself and love yourself

An overachiever can sometimes go crazy, to the point of neglecting to sleep, ignoring the time off, and working overtime for days so that the target he wants to achieve or not to fail. Well, think about it, isn't it useless if you can achieve success but you are not physically and mentally he althy?

If you feel tired, don't force your body and rest, okay? Get enough sleep, eat he althy food, and balance it with regular exercise.

Meditate regularly so you can be calmer and think clearly. Don't forget to also give yourself a gift after successfully achieving a certain goal, okay.

3. Do hobbies and other creative activities

An overachiever will tend to experience anxiety for fear of failure. So, to reduce this excessive anxiety, try doing activities outside of your regular work every now and then.

You can do hobbies that you might have left behind or try something new, such as painting, doodling, playing music, sewing, or cooking.

4. Don't ignore other people

In essence, humans are social creatures who need other people in their lives. So, don't get lost in your own world and eventually you forget that you still have friends and family.

Take time regularly to spend quality time together or just call the people you care about.

This can also add new views in living life, you know. Getting or providing support to others can also reduce anxiety and stress. So, don't waste the people around you, okay.

There's nothing wrong with fighting for your dreams. There is nothing wrong with being successful and fulfilling every job demand. However, don't always focus on the end result, okay? The process you go through, ups and downs, failures, and criticism, can also make you a stronger person in the future.

Well, if you feel you are experiencing the characteristics of an overachiever, especially if it has interfered with your mental or physical he alth, don't hesitate to consult a psychiatrist or psychologist to get the best advice and treatment for your condition.

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