Are There Appetite Enhancing Vitamins?

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Are There Appetite Enhancing Vitamins?
Are There Appetite Enhancing Vitamins?

Many people take appetite-enhancing vitamins in hopes of restoring or increasing appetite. Apart from taking vitamins, there are other activities you can do to increase your appetite. Check out the reviews in this article

Loss of appetite can be caused by several things, such as illness, medical conditions, or certain nutritional deficiencies. However, sometimes there is no clear cause for loss of appetite.

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Many drugs or supplements contain certain vitamins and are believed to increase appetite. However, there is limited evidence that taking vitamins can stimulate appetite.

How to Increase Appetite

If you want to increase your appetite, you don't need to rely too much on appetite-enhancing vitamins. There are several other ways you can increase your appetite, including:

1. Changing diet

If you often skip breakfast, from now on avoid this bad habit. Because breakfast is very important to regulate the body's metabolism again after a night of not getting food intake.

Breakfast helps increase the heat effect of the body, so you burn more calories throughout the day. When combined with activity, the effect is increased appetite at the next meal.

Choose a he althy and balanced breakfast menu, such as fresh fruits, yogurt, whole grain breads, and cereals.

2. Choose an interesting menu

If you don't have an appetite, try to make the food look more attractive. You can choose your favorite food to increase your appetite. Even though it looks appetizing, avoid eating unhe althy foods, such as junk food or foods high in sugar.

3. Eat little but often

Eating in small portions, but more frequently is a good way to stimulate appetite.

Usually, a person with a low appetite will feel bloated or his stomach is too full after eating.

To avoid this, eat 4–6 times a day with portions that are much smaller than the usual portions.

4. Don't drink too much

Avoid drinking too much water before you finish eating, especially drinks like coffee, tea, and juice. This makes you full faster, thus preventing you from meeting your nutritional needs from food.

5. Eat he althy snacks

If your appetite is still low, there is no need to immediately look for appetite-enhancing vitamins. Get around this condition by eating snacks.

However, choose he althy snacks to meet nutritional needs if you really can't eat heavy meals at main me altimes. For example avocado, banana and nuts.

One more thing, eating snacks is not meant to replace the main meal. So, avoid eating snacks before the main meal time so as not to spoil your appetite at that time.

6. Exercising

Doing light exercise can increase appetite. When there are calories burned, the body will respond and increase the desire to eat. As a result, you will feel hungry after exercising.

7. Eat together

Tired of eating alone because of loneliness? This could be the cause of decreased appetite. For that, take time to be with friends, relatives, or coworkers so that you can have time not only to eat, but also to socialize.

You can also invite other people to cook and eat together to create a new atmosphere.

Basically, the methods above are easy to do, so you don't need to focus too much on looking for appetite-boosting vitamins.

By carrying out the methods above, your appetite will increase and your he alth will be maintained.

But if the above efforts still don't work, you are advised to consult a nutritionist to get the right advice in increasing your appetite.

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