Knowing Phubbing, Behavior Ignoring People Around Because of Cell Phones

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Knowing Phubbing, Behavior Ignoring People Around Because of Cell Phones
Knowing Phubbing, Behavior Ignoring People Around Because of Cell Phones

The term phubbing is intended for someone who ignores the presence of others because they are too busy with their cellphone. This habit is often seen as an insult or disrespectful attitude. So, what are the negative effects of phubbing and how to stop it?

The term phubbing or phone snubbing was first introduced by an Australian advertising agency in 2012, to describe someone who is so glued to their phone instead of interacting with the other person. This behavior is considered rude, offensive, disrespectful, and breaks the trust of others.

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Phubbing behavior is thought to be caused by several factors, such as addiction to social media, lack of self-control, and feelings of fear of missing out (FOMO). This habit was formed with the development of technology that allows everyone to access information and entertainment only with a cellphone.

Research shows that phubbing can damage relationships or relationships, whether in the context of romantic relationships, friendships, family, or work. This is because, phubbing behavior will disrupt the conversation, which then leads to misunderstandings between individuals.

Signs of Someone Phubbing

There are several signs that indicate that someone is phubbing, including:

  • Putting the phone next to the dish while having a meal with family, friends, colleagues or partner in case of a call or notification
  • Conduct two conversations at once, by telephone and in person
  • Always check your phone anywhere and anytime, especially when you are with other people

If the signs above are present in you or someone close to you, then this includes phubbing behavior.

Negative Phubbing Effect

Phubbing can bring a variety of negative effects in life, both relationship and mental he alth. Here is the explanation:

Ruining relationships with other people

If the person you're with is constantly checking, playing, and even texting with other people via their cell phones, you will definitely feel uncomfortable and a feeling of being ignored will arise.

Well, the negative effect of this phubbing behavior makes someone feel that their presence is not appreciated, so that it can damage the quality of the relationship. In fact, studies show that phubbing can also decrease satisfaction in marital and friendship relationships.

In a relationship, phubbing wears off feelings of empathy and trust because someone's focus and attention is shifted to the phone. Although it may sound trivial, listening carefully to the other person while looking at his face can create a complete communication, thereby reducing misunderstandings.

Influence mental he alth

When someone is phubbing, then there are other people who feel excluded, rejected, or considered unimportant. This can affect a person's mental he alth condition. In fact, the emptiness felt by the victim of phubbing can trigger depression and anxiety disorders.

Phubbing perpetrators can be addicted or addicted, so they will continue to do this when they are with anyone.

Another negative effect of phubbing is that it can be “contagious”. Someone who gets phubbing behavior from others will defend himself by doing the same thing.

How to Stop Phubbing Behavior

Good relationships between individuals must be maintained, as well as physical and mental he alth. Don't let other people feel neglected to cause the relationship to end, just because of phubbing behavior. Therefore, there are several ways to deal with the phubbing behavior, including:

1. Keep your phone in your bag when you're with other people

When spending time with friends, family, or other closest people, try to keep your cellphone in your bag. Focus your attention on the other person, and listen to what they have to say. Make yourself the most comfortable place for others to talk.

2. Challenge yourself

If you still can't stop the phubbing behavior, try to challenge yourself and give a small reward when you successfully complete the challenge.

For example, challenge yourself not to check your phone when you're with other people. If you can do that, treat yourself to a favorite movie or get a hair treatment at the salon.

3. Make the dining table a no-go zone for playing cellphones

When enjoying a meal anywhere, whether in a restaurant or at home, make the dining table a restricted area for checking cellphones. Turn on silent mode on your cellphone so that the sound of calls or messages doesn't interfere with your eating activities with those closest to you.

4. Increase self-control

The ability to control oneself is the best way to deal with phubbing behavior. Realize that humans are social creatures, so you and others will need each other. Phubbing will only ruin a good relationship and make other people uncomfortable when you are with you.

However, if you are the victim of phubbing behavior, don't be in a hurry to get discouraged. Set a good example by keeping the phone out of sight while they are talking.

Also, talk to the phubbing person that you're uncomfortable if he keeps staring at your phone without noticing your presence. Even though it seems annoying, you must be patient when dealing with phubbing perpetrators, because stopping this behavior takes a long time.

Phubbing does seem like a trivial thing. But if you can't control yourself, the negative effects caused by phubbing can affect mental he alth and social relationships.

If some of the ways to deal with phubbing above can't stop this bad behavior, or even interfere with daily activities, you should consult further with a psychologist to get the right treatment, before this condition interferes with your social life.

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