Let's Understand the Phenomenon of Possessions According to Medical

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Let's Understand the Phenomenon of Possessions According to Medical
Let's Understand the Phenomenon of Possessions According to Medical

In Indonesia, the phenomenon of trance occurs quite a lot. Often this phenomenon is associated with mystical or supernatural things. However, what is the medical world's view of the phenomenon of trance? To know more details, let's see the explanation in this article

The phenomenon of possession is often also referred to as possession or being possessed by a demon. It is believed, a person can be possessed because his body is possessed or controlled by supernatural things, such as spirits or ghosts. In fact, according to medical, trance is classified as a type of mental disorder called possession trance disorder.

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Explanation of Possession According to Medical

Possession trance disorder is included in the category of dissociative disorders, namely a category of mental disorders characterized by partial or complete loss of integration of thoughts, memories, self-identity, control of body movements, and the surrounding environment.

According to the World He alth Organization (WHO), possession trance disorder is a disorder that occurs when a person temporarily loses their personal identity and awareness of their surroundings.

Well, generally, people who have possession trance disorder show symptoms or signs such as the following:

  • Loss of control over his actions
  • Loss of awareness of the surrounding environment
  • Lost memory or memory
  • Lost personal identity
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Difficulty distinguishing between reality and imagination
  • Change voice pitch
  • Changes in behavior
  • Strong belief that there is a change in body appearance

Causes and Treatment of Possession Trance Disorder

Until now, the exact cause of possession trance disorder is not known. However, there are several factors that are thought to influence the development of this mental disorder, namely:

  • Genetic or hereditary factors
  • Environmental and cultural factors that influence the formation of a person's character and personality
  • Psychosocial stress, such as economic hardship, death of a close relative, and religious or cultural conflicts
  • Traumatic events in the past, especially as a child, such as experiencing sexual violence, being involved in war, or witnessing suicide

Considering that possession trance disorder is often associated with religion, culture, and the environment, to diagnose this condition, a psychologist or psychiatrist will not only examine the patient's psychological and physical condition, but also the environmental and cultural background in which the patient is located. raised.

A person can only be diagnosed with possession trance disorder if he or she experiences the above symptoms unintentionally, occurs outside of religious and cultural practice, and is not affected by certain medical conditions, such as brain injury, epilepsy, and the effects of psychoactive substances anything.

Well, if the patient is indeed diagnosed with possession trance disorder, generally the condition will be treated with a combination of psychotherapy and drug consumption.

Until now, the relationship between the phenomenon of trance and mental disorders is still being studied and investigated further. So, if you know someone who shows symptoms of possession trace disorder as above, it never hurts to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist, OK?

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