Knowing Body Neutrality and Its Benefits for Mental He alth

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Knowing Body Neutrality and Its Benefits for Mental He alth
Knowing Body Neutrality and Its Benefits for Mental He alth

You've heard the term body neutrality, haven't you? Along with the term body positivity, lately body neutrality has often been the talk of many people, you know. Come on, see a full explanation of body neutrality and its relation to mental he alth in this article

It is undeniable, almost all of us must have felt insecure about our physical appearance, right? Starting from body shape and weight that is not ideal, skin problems, hair, and other things.

Know Body Neutrality and Its Benefits for Mental He alth - Alodokter

In fact, even though our physical appearance may not be perfect, there are still many things the body can do to help us live our daily lives, you know. For example, the brain can be used to think, the hands to work, the feet to walk, the eyes to see, or the nose to smell.

Well, body neutrality focuses on the functions and abilities of the body. So in short, body neutrality is an attitude of instilling a mindset to accept and be grateful for the various functions and abilities that our bodies can perform at this time and not just focus on appearances.

Benefits of Body Neutrality for Mental He alth

Applying the concept of body neutrality in daily life can bring benefits to mental he alth, you know. Here are some of them:

1. Reduce bad ratings

Reducing bad self-assessment is the first benefit of body neutrality. The reason is, the concept of body neutrality can avoid the tendency to compare yourself with others and judge yourself based on physical appearance.

When done for a long period of time, body neutrality can change your overall mindset, you know. So, not only on yourself, but you will also get used to judging other people more positively and not just based on their physical appearance.

2. Increase empathy

Applying the concept of body neutrality can also increase your sense of empathy, you know. For example, understanding that everyone has flaws, has a unique story about their own body, or has different physical conditions.

Well, this then allows you to have he althier social relationships with other people.

3. Relieve stress

Too focused on physical appearance can trigger you to criticize or judge yourself excessively, you know. In fact, this can lead to a decrease in self-confidence, and even increase your risk of experiencing prolonged stress.

By applying the concept of body neutrality, you will be trained to focus on your overall body functions, not just physical appearance. If so, your mood can improve and stress can subside over time.

4. Reducing anxiety

Stress due to negative thoughts on physical appearance can also trigger anxiety, you know. For example, anxiety because you want to change your body appearance but find it difficult to do, or anxious because you are afraid of not being accepted in a friendly circle because of your imperfect physical appearance.

By doing body neutrality, this can help you manage negative thoughts about your physical appearance and turn them into more positive thoughts, so that the symptoms of anxiety you experience can also be reduced.

5. Respond more wisely

Do you know that when we are stressed, especially as a result of negative thoughts on our bodies, we tend to be more sensitive and emotional in responding to various things in life, you know. This can then lead to bad words and reactions, or maybe even regrets later on.

Well, by applying body neutrality, you can avoid this, because the concept of body neutrality can make you more calm, peaceful, and rational.

How to Apply Body Neutrality

There are several ways that you can do to start applying body neutrality in your daily life, namely:

  • Avoid or divert excessive talk about body or appearance.
  • Change the way you think about your body. For example, if at first you were too focused on appearance, from now on focus on your body's functions and abilities.
  • Do positive self-talk about your body's abilities, such as 'my legs are strong enough to ride a bicycle for 2 hours' or 'my brain is working very well, so I can think quickly and carefully'.
  • Do sports or physical activities that are fun, not ones that feel like punishment.
  • Apply a reasonable he althy diet. On the other hand, avoid extreme diets that can actually make you sick.

Applying the concept of body neutrality in everyday life is not easy, but so that you can feel the benefits, keep practicing this habit consistently.

However, if you find it difficult to do so and are still often overcome by negative thoughts, don't hesitate to ask for help from a psychologist or psychiatrist, OK.

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