Knowing the Zeigarnik Effect Phenomenon

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Knowing the Zeigarnik Effect Phenomenon
Knowing the Zeigarnik Effect Phenomenon

You often don't suddenly think of a task or work that hasn't been done to completion? In the world of psychology, this phenomenon is called the zeigarnik effect. Well, if you respond correctly, the zeigarnik effect can have a good impact on your life, you know

The Zeigarnik effect is the tendency to remember something that hasn't been done compared to something that has already been done. If you've ever experienced it, don't worry, this phenomenon is not a mental disorder, but a natural mechanism of the human body.

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The tendency to remember unfinished tasks or work is caused by brain tension. This keeps the brain from remembering it and encourages you to solve it as soon as possible, so that the tension can dissipate.

Some of the factors that trigger the emergence of the zeigarnik effect are motivation, the impact of a task or work, and the expectation of something, such as a gift or award.

Zeigarnik Effect

Constantly remembering unfinished work may spoil the mood and interfere with focus. In fact, this phenomenon can also make you feel depressed, anxious, overwhelmed, brooding, stressed, and cause sleep disturbances.

However, if it is responded to correctly, the zeigarnik effect can also provide good benefits, you know, such as:

  • Improve work productivity and creativity
  • Get rid of the habit of procrastinating
  • Motivate yourself to complete the to do list
  • Giving satisfaction and increasing self-confidence when tasks or work can be completed properly
  • Maintaining mental he alth

How to Make Good Use of the Zeigarnik Effect

In order to get the good effects of the zeigarnik effect, you need to use it in the right way, yes. For example, in the morning you are tempted to sleep in bed or play with your cellphone while you are WFH, try to force yourself to start working.

When you dare to start, even if it's only 10–20 minutes, it will bring up some brain tension. After that, you will continue to think about the work you started earlier. So, the brain will continue to encourage you to complete the work and not procrastinate.

Another example, when you are about to take an exam. Maybe many people apply the learning method by reading the material continuously without taking a break, aka the overnight speed system. But unfortunately, this method is not effective for everyone.

Well, to be better at remembering, you can take advantage of the zeigarnik effect. The trick, set a daily target and start studying well before the exam time. That way, you will be motivated to complete the daily goals you have set.

So, after the daily target is reached, you can still do other activities, such as watching tv or playing games.

The Zeigarnik effect can have a positive or negative impact, depending on how you respond to it. However, if these effects have caused excessive fear and anxiety or have caused sleep problems, you should immediately consult a psychologist or psychiatrist, OK.

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