6 Main Causes of Burning Eyes

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6 Main Causes of Burning Eyes
6 Main Causes of Burning Eyes

Stinging eyes are defined as a burning sensation, stabbing pain, or a foreign body in the eye. Sore eyes can be caused by various things, from irritation, exposure to dust or smoke, to eye infections

Sore eyes for most people may not affect their daily activities. However, in some cases, sore eyes can be very painful and pose a risk of more serious problems.

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Symptoms of Painful Eyes Accompanying

In addition to sore eyes, there are several other symptoms that often accompany sore eyes, namely:

  • Red eyes
  • Itchy eyes
  • Eyes feel dry or like they have sand in them
  • Blurred vision, which tends to improve after blinking the eyes
  • watery eyes
  • The eyelids are sticky when you wake up making it difficult to open your eyes

The Main Causes of Itchy Eyes

Sore eyes can be caused by many things. Some of the causes of sore eyes, including:

1. Irritation

Usually, sore eyes are caused by irritation from wearing contact lenses or the entry of foreign objects such as dust, eyelashes, or makeup residue into the eyes.

Irritant ingredients that we often encounter in everyday life also often make the eyes sting.

Some materials that can irritate and sting eyes include cigarette smoke and swimming pool water that contains chlorine.

2. Infection

Infection of the eye often causes sore, red, and watery eyes. Eye infections can be caused by viruses or bacteria. Treatment is adjusted according to the cause of the infection.

Viral infections of the eye generally clear up on their own in a few days. While bacterial infections of the eye need to be treated with antibiotics according to a doctor's prescription.

3. Dry eyes

For some people, sore eyes are often caused by dry eyes. Dry eye occurs when the eye doesn't get enough tears. It can also be caused by tears that evaporate too quickly.

In addition to stinging, dry eyes also usually cause the eyes to become red and itchy.

4. Poor air quality

Environmental factors that usually have an impact on dry eye conditions are dry and dirty air. Dirty and dry air conditions can increase tear evaporation and irritate the eyes. The eyes also become dry and sore.

To overcome this, it is recommended that you use a humidifier to humidify the dry surrounding air.

4. Tired eyes

Frequently staring at a computer screen, cellphone, or television for hours can make the eyes tired and sore. This condition is usually harmless and will improve after resting the eyes for a while.

If you work in front of a computer screen for a long time, try to shift your eyes every 30 minutes to rest your eyes.

6. Genetic factors

Genetic factors that may cause sore eyes are corneal stromal dystrophy. This condition can cause clumping of certain substances, such as deposits of crystalline substances and cholesterol in the cornea of ​​the eye.

The buildup of these substances causes impaired vision of a person. Symptoms of stinging or pain in the eye due to this condition can appear when the corneal epithelial layer begins to erode. To treat it, the patient may need a corneal transplant procedure.

If your eyes are sore, accompanied by changes in vision, blood or pus coming out of your eyes, swollen eyes, fever, severe headache, cannot be opened, or cannot be moved, you should immediately see an ophthalmologist for proper treatment..

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