Knowing the Personality of ENFJs, Warm and Empathetic Figures

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Knowing the Personality of ENFJs, Warm and Empathetic Figures
Knowing the Personality of ENFJs, Warm and Empathetic Figures

Of all personality types, the ENFJ personality is described as the personality type that is best able to form friendships with almost anyone, even those who are very quiet or introverted. This is because the ENFJ person is a very friendly, warm, and sensitive person

The ENFJ personality is one of 16 personality types classified according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). ENFJ itself is an acronym for Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging. Usually, the ENFJ is known as a person who is good at making friends and sensitive to the feelings of others.

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Primary Characteristics of the ENFJ Personality

The ENFJ personality has several main characteristics, namely:

1. Likes to socialize

The ENFJ individual is a true extrovert. This means, he really likes to socialize and spend time with other people. Being in a social environment can even help him feel more energized.

The ENFJ person can easily fit into any social circle, as he is a warm, loving, friendly, and supportive person. For this reason, ENFJ individuals usually have a very wide circle of friends.

2. Have high empathy

Having high empathy is one of the ENFJ's greatest personal strengths. He is very good at understanding the feelings and needs of others. ENFJs are usually very helpful to others.

He even finds inner satisfaction when he succeeds in encouraging and helping others to achieve their goals. However, due to being too happy to help others, ENFJs often sacrifice themselves and seem overprotective and are often mistaken for someone with a savior complex.

3. Spirit of leader

ENFJ individuals generally have good communication skills, both orally and in writing. Usually, ENFJs also have the ability to inspire, convince, and bring encouragement to those around them.

Well, thanks to that ability, someone with an ENFJ personality can become an extraordinary leader.

4. Sensitive

Given their high ambition in helping others, it is easy for ENFJs to feel irritated, offended, or unappreciated when the help they provide is not used and appreciated in the way they want.

This can lead to personal ENFJs imposing their will on others, which can lead to disagreements or fights.

ENFJ Personality Strengths and Weaknesses

Like other personality types, the ENFJ personality also has its advantages and disadvantages. Well, below are some of the advantages and disadvantages that ENFJs have:


  • Friendly
  • Persuasive
  • Organized
  • Full of love
  • Has high empathy
  • Likes to socialize


  • Stiff
  • Manipulative
  • Very sensitive
  • So protective
  • Likes self-sacrifice

Careers Suitable for ENFJ Personalities

The ENFJ individual is described as a person who loves to help others and has the ability to understand other people's wants, needs, and intentions.

Not only that, the ENFJ person is also very skilled in communicating, strategizing, and managing activities, so he has great potential to become a great leader.

Therefore, people with the ENFJ personality generally really like careers where they can spend a lot of time interacting and helping others. He also likes to work in a flexible environment that allows him to learn new things.

Well, some areas of work that are suitable for someone with an ENFJ personality are psychologist, social worker, counselor, teacher, lecturer, manager, or volunteer.

The ENFJ personality, as well as any other personality, has its own advantages and characteristics. By knowing yourself and your personality type through the MBTI test, you can be helped to find out the potential that lies within you.

However, if you already know what your personality type is but still find it difficult to see the potential or advantages that exist within you, it never hurts to consult a psychologist about this.

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