Comfortable Sleeping Position for 9 Months Pregnant Women

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Comfortable Sleeping Position for 9 Months Pregnant Women
Comfortable Sleeping Position for 9 Months Pregnant Women

The comfortable sleeping position of 9 months pregnant women is not easy to find. With the condition of an increasingly large stomach, of course, determining the sleeping position should not be arbitrary. If you are 9 months pregnant, the following various comfortable and safe sleeping positions can be tried

So that you feel more comfortable and the baby in the womb remains safe, the sleeping position of a 9-month pregnant woman must be scrutinized. Sleeping in the wrong position can increase the pressure on certain organs, thereby risking discomfort and various disorders.

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Avoid supine or prone position

Sleeping on your back at the ninth month of pregnancy is not the best position to do. Behind the growing uterus, there are aortic vessels and inferior vena cafa.

These two blood vessels are in charge of draining blood from the heart throughout the body and returning it to the heart. When you sleep on your back, these blood vessels are under pressure so that it slows down blood circulation in pregnant women and fetuses.

In addition, when you lie on your back, you may find it harder to breathe and feel dizzy. The supine position can also put pressure on the organs in the stomach, such as the intestines, so that you can experience digestive disorders.

In babies, there is a possibility that the intake of nutrients and oxygen is hampered if the mother sleeps on her back. The prone position or stomach at the bottom is also not the right choice. Because when you sleep in a prone position, the uterus and breasts will be compressed by the stomach.

Choose Side Sleeping Position

The best sleeping position for 9 months pregnant women is lying on their side. The side position can make you and your baby more comfortable and safe when sleeping. In addition, lying on the left side is considered better than the right.

In addition to not compressing the liver, this position also helps improve blood circulation, thereby facilitating the supply of blood and nutrients to the placenta to be passed on to the fetus.

Things to Do to Sleep More Comfortable

There are several things you can do to make sleeping more comfortable when you are 9 months pregnant, and of course to keep the baby safe, namely:

  • Put more pillows under your head, especially if you have heartburn. The goal is to prevent stomach acid from rising into the esophagus.
  • Put a pillow under your stomach and between your knees when lying on your side. The goal is to support the stomach.
  • Put a pillow under your sides, if you experience shortness of breath. The goal is to make your chest lift more and expedite the respiratory tract, so that it can reduce complaints of shortness of breath, especially during sleep.
  • If you have time, buy a special long pillow to support the sleeping position of 9 months pregnant women. If not, an ordinary pillow will suffice.

Sleeping while pregnant may seem inconvenient, but finding a good sleeping position for 9-month pregnant women can still be done. By applying this sleeping position, you can still rest comfortably while waiting for the birth of your baby. Make sure you routinely check your pregnancy with your obstetrician after entering 9 months of pregnancy.

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