Beware, Hypnic Jerks Can Disturb Your Night Sleep

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Beware, Hypnic Jerks Can Disturb Your Night Sleep
Beware, Hypnic Jerks Can Disturb Your Night Sleep

Perhaps you are confused about why almost every time you fall asleep you always wake up surprised or startled. This condition could be a hypnic jerk. Learn more about hypnic jerks so you don't disturb your sleep

Hypnic jerk or myoclonus is a condition in which the body experiences brief, sudden twitches or spasms, or a sensation like falling during sleep. In addition, sufferers of hypnic jerks may also experience symptoms such as hearing a small popping sound or seeing a flash of light.

Be Careful, Hypnic Jerks Can Disturb Your Night Sleep - Alodokter

Judges or seizures that occur quickly, irregularly, and cover all or certain parts of the body. Hypnic jerks that are severe enough to cause problems with walking, speaking, or eating.

Hypnic jerks usually occur because you are doing hard work at night, stressed, restless, and consuming caffeine, nicotine, or alcohol. In addition, those with severe medical conditions can also experience hypnic jerks.

The medical conditions referred to include infection, kidney failure, liver failure, poisoning, drug side effects, metabolic disorders, autoimmune disorders, spinal or head injuries, restless leg syndrome, fat storage disorders, and some nervous system disorders.

How to Overcome Hypnic Jerk

Although often associated with certain medical conditions, hypnic jerks can also occur in someone who is otherwise he althy.

Hypnic jerks that are experienced only occasionally or are not caused by a serious medical condition, will generally get better on their own without special treatment. So you don't have to worry too much if you've experienced this.

As much as possible, reduce the things that can increase the risk of experiencing a hypnic jerk. For example, reduce caffeine consumption, deal with your stress or anxiety, and try not to do heavy work at night.

However, if this condition interferes with your sleep and makes you very tired, try to consult a doctor.

Doctors will usually suggest relaxation, as well as giving several types of drugs that can reduce the symptoms of hypnic jerks. The drugs that may be given are clonazepam, valproic acid, primidone, levetiracetam, phenobarbital, phenytoin, and primidone.

Surgery can help with hypnic jerks that affect the ears and face, as well as those caused by problems with the spinal cord and brain, such as tumors or strokes.

In addition, botox injection therapy can relieve muscle contractions in hypnic jerk symptoms that only affect one area of ​​the body, or if medication is not effective in relieving symptoms.

Don't let the hypnic jerk disturb your sleep, as much as possible avoid the cause. Immediately consult a doctor if hypnic jerks are increasingly disturbing your sleep. Especially if the conditions experienced make you nervous and stressed.

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