Knowing the terms Early Bird and Night Owl

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Knowing the terms Early Bird and Night Owl
Knowing the terms Early Bird and Night Owl

Do you know that everyone has different characteristics of productive time and sleep time, you know. This is what we often know as early birds and night owls. Both types have their own advantages and disadvantages

Early bird is a term intended for people who tend to be productive and enthusiastic about their activities in the morning. People with this type are also known as morning people. They usually go to bed earlier and wake up early the next day.

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The opposite of early birds, night owls or often referred to as "bats" are the type of people who are active at night, even before morning. These night owls prefer to stay up late and be productive when they are active at night.

Get to know the Early Bird and Night Owl further

Basically, the difference between early bird and night owl lies in their productive time. To find out more about both, here is the explanation:

Early Bird Type

People with the early bird type will generally be more energetic in the morning until noon. Therefore, early birds are usually more focused and concentrated in their activities at school, college, or work, which are mostly done in the morning to evening.

Because they are active from morning to evening, people with this type will have more time to interact with others and allow them to exercise in the morning or evening.In addition, being a morning person is also known to have more positive and stable emotions.

Even so, the early bird type is not without its drawbacks. Because they have been active since the morning, usually they will run out of energy and sleepy towards the afternoon and evening. They will also find it difficult to keep up with activities carried out at night.

Night Owl Type

The night owl will be more active and have a lot of energy at night. Usually, this type is owned by creative workers, such as artists, writers, or designers. They feel that midnight is the perfect time to imagine things and come up with magical ideas.

Nevertheless, being a person who likes to hang out has some drawbacks, you know. They usually can't get up in the morning and find it difficult to carry out activities in the morning until noon. Because they often still sleep in the morning, they also often skip breakfast and morning exercise.

Frequently staying up late is also often associated with the habit of consuming caffeinated beverages or drinking alcoholic beverages. As a result of these unhe althy living habits, a person with the night owl type becomes more at risk of developing diabetes and depression.

Which is Better, Early Bird or Night Owl ?

After knowing the facts above, you might be wondering, is it better to be an early bird or a night owl, right? Actually, there is no scientific evidence to answer this question.

Basically, everyone has a different circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is a natural body mechanism that regulates a person's physical, mental, and behavior within 24 hours, including sleep and wake schedules and daily productivity.

There are people who feel more energetic in the morning, but not a few are more active and enjoy it at night. You can adjust your activity time according to your body's circadian rhythm and your comfort in doing it.

So being an early bird or a night owl is not a problem. The most important thing is that you are able to manage your time well every day. Try to stay asleep at the same time and get enough sleep, which is 7-9 hours every day, okay.

In addition, make sure to always consume balanced nutritious food, exercise regularly, and manage stress well so that your body is always he althy and you can also carry out daily activities well.

If you have trouble sleeping or want to change the habit of a night owl to an early bird or vice versa, it's a good idea to discuss this with your doctor for the best advice.

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