Children Accidentally See Parents Having Sex, Here's How to Deal with It

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Children Accidentally See Parents Having Sex, Here's How to Deal with It
Children Accidentally See Parents Having Sex, Here's How to Deal with It

Father and Mother, have you ever imagined while having sex, suddenly your little one came into the room and saw the situation? Wow, just imagining it can make you panic, right? However, if it really happened, how should I deal with it?

Although it sounds embarrassing, but it's not impossible, you know, Mom and Dad forgot to lock the bedroom door while having sex, then the Little One caught the situation.

Children Accidentally See Parents Having Sex, Here's How to Deal with It - Alodokter

Situations like this can happen, for example if your little one wants to be pampered or wants to ask for something, so he goes straight to Mom and Dad's room without calling or knocking on the door first. If it happens, calm down first, Father, Mother, because there are ways you can do to deal with it.

How to deal with when children see parents having sex

Well, below are some ways you can deal with your little one who accidentally sees Mom and Dad having sex:

1. Keep calm

Although it can make you startle and panic, but if your child accidentally catches Mom and Dad having sex, first act as normal as possible, okay? After that, cover the bodies of Mom and Dad with blankets, pillows, or clothes that are around.

Then, if the child is too young to understand the situation, ask him what he needs, for example by saying "what's wrong son?" or “what do you want?” and wait for the reaction.

However, if the child is old enough to be understood, try to let him know that Mom and Dad are needing time alone, and ask the child to get out of the room first. Also say that Mom or Dad will be following him soon.

2. Ask the child

When you are calmer, Mom and Dad need to ask the child about the situation he saw earlier.

Give questions to your little one in the simplest possible sentences, OK, Bun. For example, “What did you see when you entered Mom and Dad's room? or “what are you thinking right now?”.

Although it may be embarrassing, but this is very important to do, so that Mom and Dad know the extent of the Little One's understanding of the situation and also know what information needs to be given to the child.

3. Give understanding to children

After being asked a question, each child may give a different answer, depending on their age and knowledge. Therefore, Father and Mother need to give understanding to the Little One according to his age and the answer he gives, yes.

For example, a very young child will most likely only give an answer based on what he sees, for example “I saw Mom and Dad not wearing clothes” or “I saw Mom and Dad hugging”.

If so, this means that your child's understanding of what he sees is still very far from the concept of sexual intercourse. Therefore, Father and Mother, it is enough to only give answers that are in accordance with their understanding.

On the other hand, if the child is old enough, he may have started to understand what he saw. This is usually also marked by a change in his attitude.

If so, take an approach and give understanding to the child, that what he previously saw was the activity of a married adult and he will understand when he grows up.

Even so, sometimes there are also children who think that the sexual activity they see is an act of violence by their parents.

So, if your little one looks worried or makes a statement like “I saw Mom and Dad fighting”, then apologize to the child for making him confused or scared.

Then also explain that Mom and Dad are not fighting and what he saw is not something to worry about. If necessary, also give your little one a warm hug to calm him down.

Tips to Prevent Children Catching Parents Having Sex

To prevent children from catching Mom and Dad having sex, or preventing it from happening again, some of the tips below can be done by Mom and Dad:

  • Make sure the child is really sleeping soundly in his room before Mom and Dad have sex.
  • Make sure the door to Mom and Dad's room is locked tightly before sexual activity begins.
  • Avoid being too noisy when having sex, so that Mom and Dad are still sensitive to the surrounding conditions.
  • Turn on music, radio or TV to help drown out the sound.
  • Teach children to respect the privacy of others, for example by calling or knocking on the door before entering other people's rooms, including Mom and Dad's room.

Well, by applying these tips, it is hoped that the incident of being caught by a child while having sex will not happen or repeat itself, Father, Mother. When it happens, Mom and Dad also don't need to be awkward and drag on guilt.

However, if Mom and Dad are still worried about your little one's condition after seeing Mom and Dad having sex, don't hesitate to consult a psychologist regarding this.

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