CPC Mouthwash and Its Benefits to Fight COVID-19

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CPC Mouthwash and Its Benefits to Fight COVID-19
CPC Mouthwash and Its Benefits to Fight COVID-19

Recently, mouthwash with cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) technology is being widely discussed. The reason is, this type of mouthwash is not only effective for maintaining dental and oral he alth, but the CPC content in it is also believed to be able to fight COVID-19

Mouthwash is a liquid used to clean and rinse teeth, gums, and mouth. In general, the use of mouthwash is useful for eradicating and inhibiting the growth of bacteria in the mouth that can cause bad breath and various problems with teeth and gums.

CPC Mouthwash and Its Benefits to Fight COVID-19 - Alodokter

There are many types of mouthwash that are sold over the counter, and currently there are mouthwashes with cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) technology available. This mouthwash is considered effective in inhibiting the growth of germs, bacteria, and viruses in the mouth within 30 seconds. In fact, CPC mouthwash is claimed to be able to prevent the transmission of the Corona virus that causes COVID-19.

The Difference Between CPC Mouthwash and Other Mouthwash

The main difference between CPC mouthwash and other mouthwashes lies in the content of the active ingredients in it.

Generally, mouthwash contains antiseptic ingredients, such as alcohol or essential oils. Meanwhile, mouthwash with cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) technology is equipped with various antimicrobial surfactants.

Research shows that CPC mouthwash can effectively inhibit the growth of germs, bacteria, and viruses that cause various dental and oral problems.These dental and oral problems include bad breath, cavities, plaque and tartar, receding gums, and bleeding gums.

In addition, unlike other types of mouthwash, most CPC mouthwashes do not contain alcohol, so they don't cause a burning and stinging sensation in the mouth.

Therefore, gargling with CPC mouthwash will feel more comfortable because it does not leave a spicy or stinging taste, does not irritate the mouth, and does not erode the protective layer or tooth enamel.

The Benefits of CPC Mouthwash to Fight COVID-19

To prevent transmission of the Corona virus, it is important for everyone to follow he alth protocols and he althy living behavior (PHBS), including regularly washing hands with water and soap, and maintaining oral and dental hygiene.

The reason is that dental and oral he alth has a very large effect on overall body he alth. People who have dental and oral he alth problems are said to be even more at risk of being infected with the Corona virus.

This is because dental and oral diseases can directly or indirectly weaken the immune system. In addition, the virus that causes COVID-19 can also lodge in the mouth and spread through droplets of saliva.

Well, one way that you can do to maintain oral he alth during the COVID-19 pandemic is to routinely brush your teeth 2 times a day and rinse your mouth using CPC mouthwash.

As previously mentioned, CPC mouthwash has good effectiveness in inhibiting the growth of germs, bacteria, and viruses. This ingredient works by destroying the lipid envelope of the virus and preventing it from growing.

That way, you can avoid various dental and oral diseases that can weaken your immune system.

So that you can get the maximum benefits of CPC mouthwash, you need to use it properly. Before gargling, brush your teeth with toothpaste that contains fluoride.

After that, use CPC mouthwash according to the dosage stated on the label on the product packaging. Gargle for about 30 seconds, then throw the mouthwash out of your mouth.

In addition to maintaining oral hygiene, to avoid Corona virus infection, you still need to comply with the applicable COVID-19 he alth protocols, yes. The trick is to wear a mask when traveling or meeting other people, diligently washing hands with soap or hand sanitizer, maintaining physical distance from other people, and avoiding crowds.

If you still have questions regarding the COVID-19 disease or how to prevent it, you can also consult a doctor using the chat feature in the ALODOKTER application.

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