Mother, this is how to educate the first child to be a good brother

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Mother, this is how to educate the first child to be a good brother
Mother, this is how to educate the first child to be a good brother

The presence of a younger sibling in the midst of the family will make the first child an older sibling. Mother, of course, wants her sister to be a good example for her sister in the future, right? Calm down, Bun, there's really a way you can do to educate your first child to be a good sister

Educating the first child so that he can be a good older brother is an important thing for Mom and Dad to do. Because, apart from parents, without realizing it, the temperament of the eldest child will usually also be used as a role model by his younger siblings, you know, Bun.

Mother, this is the way to educate the first child to be a good sister - Alodokter

How to Educate the First Child to Be a Good Brother

Well, below are some ways you can do so that your sister can grow up to be a good role model or example for her younger siblings:

1. Invite the Brother to discuss

To help your eldest child understand your expectations and expectations regarding the way he treats his sister, you can always invite him to have a discussion.

For example, if the older sibling often yells or even hits his younger sibling when he's upset, tell him that this could hurt his younger sibling. Also explain that siblings should be able to protect and love each other, not hurt each other.

Over time, the older brother is expected to understand his duties and responsibilities as an older brother.However, remember, Bun, don't burden the older brother with things that are beyond his age and ability, because this can actually cause the older brother to feel depressed or stressed.

2. Be a role model for your brother

After giving understanding to the older brother through discussion, if you want him to be a good example for his sister, the next thing that mom and dad need to do is to be a good role model for the older brother as well.

For example, if you want your brother to speak kind and gentle words to his sister, then you need to give an example of this first, for example by saying positive sentences to family members every day and not fighting with dad or other family members in front of Big Brother.

After all, children are good imitators. So, instilling good character in children cannot be done only with words, but must also be balanced by providing good examples and actions to imitate.

3. Help Sibling to form a he althy bond with his younger sibling

Bun, it's not uncommon for the eldest child to feel jealous of his younger brother, you know, especially if the older brother and sister are not too far apart in age. This can happen because of the attention of Mother and Father which may be divided by the presence of the Siblings.

Therefore, Mom and Dad need to help the older brother to form a he althy bond with his sister, yes, so that he won't think of the younger sibling as a rival that he has to fight.

You can do this by understanding the needs and giving as much attention as possible to each child, not comparing brother and sister, and always being fair.

4. Surround Sis with positive influence

Parents are the main role models for their children. However, friends or other family members who often spend time with him can also have an influence on Sis, you know, Bun, both positive and negative influences.

For example, if the older sibling has a friend who inadvertently abuses his or her younger sibling, this kind of bad behavior can be imitated by the child. Therefore, Mother needs to make sure that the people around her can have a positive influence on her, not the other way around.

5. Appreciate the Brother

Giving appreciation to the older brother every time he does something good for his sister is also important for Mom and Dad to do, you know.

For example, when your older sibling helps feed your younger sibling, invites your younger sibling to play together, or calms a fussy sibling, try showing your mother's pride by giving her a compliment or a warm hug. Every now and then, Mother can also give her a gift.

Educating your first child to be a good big brother can't be done instantly, Bun. So, you have to do it patiently and understandingly, okay.

It should also be borne in mind that disagreements between brothers and sisters are actually normal, right, Bun, as long as it doesn't happen continuously. If you still have questions regarding how to educate your first child to be a good sister, don't hesitate to consult a child psychologist, okay.

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