Simple Ways to Overcome Back Neck Pain

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Simple Ways to Overcome Back Neck Pain
Simple Ways to Overcome Back Neck Pain

Back neck pain can occur due to improper sleeping position, working at the computer for a long time, or poor posture. There are several ways you can do to deal with back neck pain

Neck pain is normal. The good news is that neck pain is rarely a sign of a serious illness. Most of the time, mild neck pain can be treated at home.

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How to Reduce Back Neck Pain

To reduce neck pain, you can perform the following steps at home:

1. Moving the neck muscles

Try to move your neck muscles slowly. Do circular movements so that the sore muscles can be stretched. After that, vary it by moving forwards and backwards, then left and right.

Little by little the range of motion of the neck muscles will improve as you practice the movements you do. However, stop the movement if the neck hurts.

2. Soak in bath s alt solution

Bath s alt solution can help relax stiff muscles, reduce stress, and improve blood circulation. In addition to reducing neck pain, soaking in a bath s alt solution can also calm the mind at the same time.

3. Warm and cold compress

A warm bath or placing a heating pad on the back of the neck can help increase the flow of blood and oxygen to the neck, and help relax the neck muscles.

An even better option is to alternate it with a neck compress using ice. Wrap the ice in a towel, then apply it for a few minutes on the desired area to reduce pain.

4. Apply balm

You can apply balm on the sore neck. Balsams or ointments contain different active ingredients to suppress pain signals.

5. Massage

Massage can help relieve tense back neck muscles. According to research, massage is most beneficial for pain relief, although the effect is only for the short term.

6. Take pain medication

Pain relievers, such as paracetamol, serve to relieve pain, including back neck pain. Don't forget to use the medicine according to the instructions for use.

7. Fix sleeping position

Not infrequently a bad sleeping position causes back neck pain. To overcome this, improve your sleeping position by using a pillow that is not too high and maintain a sleeping position so that your head is not raised too high.

Although back neck pain generally gets better on its own, you should still see a doctor if the pain persists for more than a week, is very severe, or is accompanied by other symptoms.

Other symptoms referred to are numb arms or pain in the shoulders, chest pain, headaches, and difficulty moving hands or feet. Examination by a doctor is necessary so that if there is a serious illness it can be treated immediately.

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