Knowing 7 Basic Emotional Needs in Relationships

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Knowing 7 Basic Emotional Needs in Relationships
Knowing 7 Basic Emotional Needs in Relationships

Everyone has basic emotional needs, such as love, security, and appreciation. Well, to be able to build a he althy and happy relationship, you and your partner need to know the basic emotional needs of both of you and how to fulfill them

When basic emotional needs are met, generally a feeling of calm, satisfaction and happiness is created. On the other hand, if it is not fulfilled, you may feel sad, hurt, and even frustrated.

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Therefore, in a relationship, it is important to recognize the basic emotional needs of you and your partner, so that the bond formed can become stronger.

7 Basic Emotional Needs in Relationships

Below are 7 basic emotional needs that need to be in a relationship:

1. love

Everyone has their own way of expressing affection or love. The technique and the way someone shows affection is also known as the love language or love language.

Love language can be shown by doing physical touch, saying words of love, spending quality time together, or giving gifts to partners.

However, regardless of the form and how to express it, affection or affection is one of the basic emotional needs that must be present in every relationship. This is so that the intimacy in the relationship can be maintained.

2. Feeling accepted

Feeling accepted by a partner is also an emotional need that must exist in a relationship. The reason is, this sense of acceptance will create a sense of belonging in the relationship, you know. Feelings of being accepted by a partner can take many forms, including:

  • Introduced to the people closest to the couple, such as family or friends
  • Involved in partner's daily activities
  • Involved in the future planning of the couple
  • Involved when the couple will make a decision

On the other hand, if one of the parties, either you or your partner, feels unwelcome in your relationship, this can lead to discomfort and even estrangement in the relationship.

3. Feeling safe

Always want to feel safe and live without fear is also included in the basic emotional needs of everyone. Therefore, a he althy relationship must be based on a sense of security that is obtained by both parties.

Security in relationships takes many forms, such as:

  • Feeling physically safe
  • Feel safe to express your opinion
  • Feel safe to share feelings or secrets
  • Knowing your partner supports every decision you make

So, if you don't feel secure in your current relationship, you need to be careful, because it could lead to a toxic relationship or even an abusive relationship.

4. Trust

Along with security, everyone wants to be in a relationship with a partner they can trust, and trust them back.

Therefore, giving trust to your partner and not abusing the trust given is also one way to fulfill basic emotional needs in a relationship.

5. Empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand and share what other people experience. In a romantic relationship, this ability is needed to help you and your partner understand each other's conditions and circumstances.

Because, as humans, we all have flaws and have made mistakes, right? Well, with good empathy skills, you and your partner can definitely form a deeper bond.

6. Privacy

Even though you are in a relationship, everyone still needs privacy or space for themselves. Therefore, to fulfill this basic emotional need, you and your partner must both respect each other's privacy, OK.

Some forms of respecting the privacy of partners are as follows:

  • As much as possible avoid the habit of checking your partner's phone, tablet or computer.
  • Give your partner the freedom to do positive things they like.
  • Give your partner the freedom to spend time alone or with friends as long as it's within a reasonable time limit.

You and your partner can also communicate what kind of privacy you need in a relationship.

7. Appreciation

Feeling like to be appreciated by those closest to you is also a basic human emotional need. This is because appreciation can be a form that you and your partner both appreciate and are grateful for each other's presence.

Giving appreciation can be done in many ways, for example by giving praise, conveying criticism in a good way, or occasionally giving gifts to partners.

Well, those were some of the basic emotional needs that must be in a relationship. Keep in mind that you and your partner may have different emotional needs.

For example, you might think that acceptance and trust are the basic emotional needs you need most. However, for your partner, he or she may need more appreciation and privacy.

This is normal, huh. The key is to communicate any feelings, wants, or needs that you and your partner have. That way, you and your partner hope for the relationship you are living can definitely go hand in hand.

If you and your partner have problems with meeting each other's emotional needs, don't hesitate to consult a psychologist or counselor who specializes in dealing with problems in a couple's relationship, OK.

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