Various Preparations Before Undergoing Heart Surgery

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Various Preparations Before Undergoing Heart Surgery
Various Preparations Before Undergoing Heart Surgery

The feeling of anxiety will probably be felt by most patients who will undergo heart surgery. Therefore, prior to surgery, preparation is needed to reduce anxiety, so that conditions are optimal so that the operation runs smoothly

Cardiovascular surgery is a surgical procedure on the heart or great vessels, which is performed by cardiac surgeons. Some conditions that commonly require cardiac surgery include congenital heart disease, valvular heart disease, ischemic heart disease, and heart transplantation.

Various Preparations Before Undergoing Heart Surgery - Alodokter

For ischemic heart disease, the type of surgery that is usually done is coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) or heart bypass surgery.

The purpose of heart surgery is different, depending on the conditions experienced. There is surgery that aims to repair or replace heart valves to improve blood flow through the heart.

In addition, there are those aimed at repairing damaged parts of the heart, or aiming at placing medical devices in the heart area to help the heart work better.

Types of Heart Surgery

In general, there are three types of heart surgery, namely:

Open heart surgery

Heart surgery is performed by making a large incision in the chest to open the ribs and reach the heart, then connect the heart to a heart-lung bypass machine.

After the heart stops beating, the bypass machine will circulate blood to replace the heart's function, while the doctor performs surgery on the heart.

Off-pump heart surgery

Heart surgery is performed by opening the chest to reach the heart but not using a heart-lung bypass machine.

Minimally invasive cardiac surgery

Heart surgery which is done by making small incisions between the ribs to reach the heart. This surgery is usually done to repair heart valves or insert a pacemaker.

Shortly before undergoing surgery, you may feel nervous, even stressed. However, it's okay because this kind of feeling is natural.

Things To Do Before and After Surgery

There are several things that must be prepared before heart surgery surgery. Not only being physically he althy, but good mental preparation is also important, especially to reduce anxiety.

Besides that, you also have to do some things after the heart surgery is done. Here is the explanation:

1. Follow the doctor's advice

Before the procedure, the surgeon will provide instructions so that the procedure runs smoothly. Follow the instructions given by the doctor. If necessary, write down everything the doctor mentions.

You are advised to invite friends or family as a companion when meeting the doctor. This is so that the companion will listen to these instructions and avoid misunderstandings.

If no one can accompany you, write down every detail of the instructions. After that, read it again to make sure you didn't make a mistake and understood all the instructions. If something is still unclear, don't hesitate to ask the doctor directly.

2. Ask what to do

You are advised to discuss and ask what should be done regarding the surgery to be carried out.

For example, the rules for taking medicine before and after surgery, when to go to the hospital, what will happen before, during, and after surgery, the risks of surgery, what drugs can be taken and not, meal times or menu food to eat.

Don't forget to tell the doctor about a history of allergies to certain drugs and understand the procedures for postoperative recovery.

3. Treat other he alth conditions first

If you have dental problems, see your dentist first for treatment. Troubled teeth can delay surgery or heart surgery.

Likewise with other diseases, such as diabetes or problems with certain organs, heart surgeons need to make sure your condition is stable and safe for heart surgery.

4. Pay attention to body he alth

To speed up the healing process after heart surgery, it is recommended to stop smoking, eat a he althy balanced nutritious diet, be diligent in moving, and manage stress before surgery.

5. The day before surgery

Patients are usually asked to come to the hospital the day before the D day or on the H morning. After that, the patient will be asked to:

  • Fasting according to doctor's instructions.
  • Bath using special soap in the afternoon before the D-day to reduce bacteria on the skin, and reduce the risk of infection after heart surgery.
  • Enough rest.

6. H Day

On the day that cardiac surgery is performed, the patient will be asked to:

  • Take the given medicine.
  • Bath with special soap.
  • Checking blood pressure, breathing, body temperature, heart rate.
  • Peeing.
  • Removing glasses, hearing aids, dentures, and jewelry that sticks to the body.

7. Recovery period

Physical and mental conditions are very supportive of the recovery period after you undergo heart surgery. Make sure you consult with your doctor first about anything during this recovery period.

For example, what food and medicine to take, the length of recovery time, when to consult a doctor again, when to have an examination or retest.

The doctor will also ask you to adopt a he althy lifestyle, for example by quitting smoking, changing your diet, exercising regularly, and reducing and managing stress. In addition, the doctor can also refer you to cardiac rehabilitation.

What to Bring When Going for Heart Surgery?

When you go to the hospital for heart surgery, some important things to bring are the following:

  • Drugs and prescription drugs you are currently taking
  • Wallet, ID and insurance card
  • Personal items, such as dentures, hearing aids, cell phones, and glasses
  • Change of clothes and underwear
  • Sandals and assistive devices for walking, such as a cane or wheelchair
  • Toiletries, such as towels, toothbrushes, combs, and razors

With good preparation and complete information about heart surgery processes and procedures, anxiety before undergoing surgery can be reduced. Thus, the surgical process can take place smoothly.

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