Maximize the Benefits of Yoga for Mental and Physical He alth

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Maximize the Benefits of Yoga for Mental and Physical He alth
Maximize the Benefits of Yoga for Mental and Physical He alth

Yoga has recently become one of the most popular sports. Although more often known as meditation exercise, the benefits of yoga are not only good for mental he alth, but also physical he alth

Yoga is actually a body and mind exercise. Yoga combines breathing exercises, meditation, and poses and movements designed to have a relaxing effect and reduce stress.

Maximize the Benefits of Yoga for Mental and Physical He alth - Alodokter

For those of you who are new to yoga, maybe you will be a little confused about what type of yoga is right for you. Basically all types of yoga can help you relax, relieve body tension, and calm your mind.

Benefits of Yoga

Before you decide to do yoga, of course there is nothing wrong with knowing in advance what are the benefits of yoga. Here are some of the benefits that you can feel by doing yoga:

1. Reducing stress

Almost all types of exercise can help a person in dealing with stress, as well as yoga. This is because when you do yoga, the body produces the cortisol hormone when you are stressed.

Studies show that yoga can reduce anxiety, stress, and improve a person's mood and physical and psychological well-being. In fact, the benefits of yoga can also be felt in someone who has anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, and sleep disorders.

2. Improve fitness

Not only can it reduce stress, other benefits of yoga are to make the body fitter, improve posture, and increase body strength, range of motion, and body flexibility.

3. Good for people with heart disease

If you have a risk of chronic disease, such as high blood pressure or heart disease, yoga can be a suitable exercise. Yoga can increase blood flow and relax blood vessels, thereby reducing the workload on the heart.

Studies show that, in addition to medical treatment, heart failure patients who practice yoga experience improved heart he alth and improved quality of life compared to patients who do not practice yoga regularly.

4. Backache

For those of you who experience back pain, yoga can also be the right choice of exercise. Even if you have chronic back pain though. This is because the stretching movements found in yoga can help you to stretch your body.

5. Relieve asthma symptoms

Recurrent asthma can be very annoying and quite excruciating. To overcome this, try to do yoga regularly.

A study conducted on people with mild to moderate asthma showed that some yoga movements related to breathing, such as Pranayama, can help relieve asthma symptoms.

However, the benefits of yoga for treating asthma are not considered clinically significant, when compared to the effectiveness of conventional asthma treatment.

Not only that, yoga is also believed to relieve symptoms of pain, migraines, and help overcome insomnia.

In addition to some of the benefits of yoga above, the main benefit that many people are looking for is burning fat in the body. To get these benefits, do ashtanga, power yoga, or hot yoga, combined with walking, running, or other aerobic exercise.

Do yoga regularly for mental and physical he alth. However, if you previously suffered from certain he alth conditions, it is better to consult your doctor before starting to practice yoga.

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