Facts Behind the Myth of Garlic to Overcome Acne

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Facts Behind the Myth of Garlic to Overcome Acne
Facts Behind the Myth of Garlic to Overcome Acne

In addition to being used as a cooking spice, garlic is also believed to be useful for dealing with acne, you know. He said, by applying crushed garlic to the acne-prone areas of the skin, you can get rid of acne quickly. Is that so?

Acne can appear due to an increase in oil (sebum) production, a buildup of dead skin cells, or a bacterial infection in the skin follicles. In addition, certain factors, such as hormonal changes, stress, an unhe althy lifestyle, and the side effects of medications, can also increase the risk of developing acne.

The Facts Behind the Myth of Garlic to Cope With Acne - Alodokter

The appearance of acne can cause pain and interfere with appearance. So no wonder, many people try various efforts, including alternative ways, to overcome this condition. One of them is by applying crushed garlic to the pimple.

Safety Using Garlic for Acne

Garlic contains allicin. These compounds are known to have antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties. Research says that allicin can kill many bacteria, one of which is the bacteria that causes acne.

In addition, garlic also contains a number of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, vitamin B6, selenium, copper, and zinc. The various ingredients contained in garlic are known to be good for he alth, including skin he alth.

Even so, that doesn't mean garlic is definitely effective and safe to use to treat acne, right? In fact, to date, there have been no studies that have proven the safety and effectiveness of using garlic to treat acne.

Garlic that is used carelessly can actually worsen skin conditions, you know. Especially if you have sensitive skin. The use of garlic directly on the skin can cause the skin to become blistered, irritated, and even trigger the appearance of contact dermatitis.

Safe and Right Way to Cope With Acne

Instead of using garlic that has not been proven safe and effective, it is better to follow the following tips to eradicate acne and get he althy facial skin:

  • Do double cleansing.
  • Wash your face 2 times a day with products that suit your skin type.
  • Use moisturizer and sunscreen regularly.
  • Use a gel or cream that contains benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or lactic acid, which are known to kill acne-causing bacteria and reduce swelling.
  • Apply a he althy diet.
  • Exercise routine.
  • Manage stress well.
  • Don't touch or squeeze the pimple.

Basically, garlic is a he althy food. Regularly eating under white will provide a number of benefits for your he alth, such as maintaining heart he alth, preventing cancer, and smoothing the digestive tract.

However, remember, even though it has many benefits for the body, it does not mean that garlic is safe to use on the skin, let alone to treat acne. As previously explained, the safety and effectiveness of using garlic to treat acne does not yet have strong scientific evidence.

So, if you want to have he althy and acne-free facial skin, try applying methods that have been proven safe, as described above.

However, if the above methods don't work for your acne or even if your acne is increasing, you should consult a dermatologist, yes, so that the doctor can immediately provide the right treatment and according to your skin type.

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