Using Toothpaste for Acne, Is It Safe?

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Using Toothpaste for Acne, Is It Safe?
Using Toothpaste for Acne, Is It Safe?

There are various alternative ways that are believed to be able to get rid of acne. One of the things that has been widely discussed is using toothpaste. However, medically, is the use of toothpaste really effective and safe to treat stubborn acne?

As an acne fighter, maybe you have done various ways to get rid of acne. Starting from using topical medication, undergoing routine skin care, or maybe you've also tried alternative methods, such as applying toothpaste?

Using Toothpaste for Acne, Is It Safe? - Alodokter

Applying toothpaste to acne has become a trend in society, you know. This is because the content in toothpaste is believed to make acne dry quickly.

Safety Using Toothpaste for Acne

The trend of applying toothpaste to acne is actually a lot done because the active ingredients contained in toothpaste are believed to be able to deflate acne and kill acne-causing bacteria.

One of these ingredients is triclosan. Triclosan has an antiseptic effect that can kill bacteria or germs. However, if used on acne, it turns out that this content is not effective in killing acne-causing bacteria, you know.

In addition to triclosan, toothpaste also contains baking soda, alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide. This combination of ingredients is believed to be able to dry out acne. In fact, when applied to facial skin, especially those with acne, these ingredients can actually cause the skin to become dry and trigger irritation.

Another ingredient in toothpaste that can trigger new skin problems is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). In some people with sensitive skin, the use of toothpaste on the skin can even cause burns to trigger contact dermatitis, you know.

So, is the use of toothpaste safe and effective to treat acne? Based on the information above, the answer is no. Therefore, it is better to avoid, yes, applying toothpaste on the facial skin.

Not Toothpaste, This is the Correct Way to Overcome Acne

As previously explained, applying toothpaste is not the right solution to treat acne. So, instead of using toothpaste, it's better to use skin care products that have been proven to be effective and safe to get rid of acne.

You can apply a gel or cream containing benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or lactic acid to pimples to kill acne-causing bacteria, reduce swelling, and speed up the healing process of acne.

Live a he althy lifestyle by eating nutritious food, exercising regularly, always keeping the skin clean, getting enough rest, and managing stress well, can also prevent acne.

Well, now you know, yes, if using toothpaste to treat acne is not effective, it even risks causing new problems on the skin. So, if you are still using it, immediately stop the habit and switch to safer ways.

If you have applied safe methods but the acne is still stubborn, you should consult a doctor further, yes, so that you get the right treatment.

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