Know How to Do Isoman Correctly and the Nutrients Needed

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Know How to Do Isoman Correctly and the Nutrients Needed
Know How to Do Isoman Correctly and the Nutrients Needed

Independent isolation or isoman must be carried out by people who are positively infected with the Corona virus or are in close contact with COVID-19 sufferers. Know how to do isoman and meet the right nutritional needs, so that the healing process is faster and the risk of transmission can be reduced

People who are tested positive for COVID-19 based on the results of an antigen test or PCR and are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms are required to undergo self-isolation at home or an isoman center. This action is taken to break the chain of transmission of the Corona virus.

Know How to Do the Correct Isoman and the Nutrients Needed - Alodokter

While undergoing self-isolation, people with COVID-19 are not advised to leave the house for at least 10 days, starting from the time symptoms first appeared. In addition, people with COVID-19 are also advised to maintain their physical and mental he alth.

How to Do Isoman Correctly

Although there are no symptoms or mild symptoms, there are several things you can do while undergoing isomanism to speed up the recovery process, namely:

1. More rest

According to research, adequate sleep and rest can increase immunity. Good sleep can also increase the ability of white blood cells to fight viral infections.

2. Consumption of drugs and vitamins

In addition to getting enough rest, don't forget to take medication and vitamins prescribed by your doctor during isomanism. Follow the doctor's recommendations in taking drugs and vitamins, both in dosage and how to use them, so that the effectiveness of the drugs and vitamins is optimal.

3. Try to stay active and do light exercise

Don't let self-isolation stop you from doing physical activity, especially if you are asymptomatic. Sports or light activities will actually make the body feel fit and quickly return to he alth.

There are several types of exercise that you can do while undergoing isomanism, such as stretching and breathing exercises. However, avoid or limit exercise if you experience shortness of breath, fever, weakness, or muscle aches.

4. Consumption of nutritious food and drinks

One thing that is no less important when undergoing isomanism is consuming nutritious food and drinks. The World He alth Organization (WHO) advises people with COVID-19 to eat foods high in fiber, fruits, vegetables, and foods that contain protein during isomanism.

Not only that, WHO also recommends drinking enough water, not consuming alcoholic beverages, and reducing s alt, sugar and fat intake.

The Importance of Maintaining Body Endurance During Isoming and Proper Nutrition

To fight Corona virus infection, immunity needs to be increased during isoman. One way to increase immunity is to eat foods that contain vitamin C.

Adults are advised to consume 75–90 milligrams of vitamin C per day, while the need for vitamin C for children is 40–45 milligrams. Lack of vitamin C can make the body more susceptible to disease.

Daily vitamin C intake can be fulfilled by eating fresh fruits and vegetables, such as bell peppers, oranges, kiwi, broccoli, strawberries, tomatoes, cauliflower, or guava.

Guava is one of the choices of fruit rich in vitamin C that you can consume to increase immunity during isomanism. Besides being rich in vitamin C, guava also contains fiber, as well as antioxidants, namely flavonoids.

To be more practical and easy to consume, especially when you don't have an appetite, you can also consume guava in the form of juice, either made by yourself or packaged juice. Make sure to choose juices made from real fruit, without any sweeteners, preservatives and synthetic colorings.

If you are undergoing isomanism, always keep your immune system and practice the steps above so that you can recover quickly. In addition, do an online consultation with a doctor through the telemedicine application so that your he alth condition can be continuously monitored.

If the symptoms of COVID-19 that you experience seem to worsen during isomanism, for example shortness of breath, coughing up blood, cold sweat, or feeling like fainting, seek medical attention immediately to the hospital or call the COVID-19 hotline at 119.

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