Knowing Molnupiravir, One of the Drugs for COVID-19

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Knowing Molnupiravir, One of the Drugs for COVID-19
Knowing Molnupiravir, One of the Drugs for COVID-19

Molnupiravir is a new antiviral drug being researched for its potential to treat COVID-19. Research so far shows that molnupiravir has a fairly high effectiveness and relatively mild side effects in treating COVID-19

Molnupiravir was originally developed at Emory University, United States, to treat influenza. However, the effectiveness and safety of molnupiravir as a drug for COVID-19 due to Corona virus infection is being tested.

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The drug molnupiravir is also known to prevent the worsening of the COVID-19 disease. Now, the treatment of COVID-19 with molnupiravir has received emergency use permits, both from the FDA and BPOM. This drug is also available in Indonesia.

How Molnupiravir works for COVID-19

Antiviral drugs that are currently the treatment of choice for COVID-19 are favipiravir and remdesivir. However, the use of these drugs is still limited to hospitalized patients with severe symptoms or mild-moderate symptoms with a history of comorbid disease.

Meanwhile, molnupiravir is a new antiviral drug developed specifically to treat mild to moderate COVID-19 patients.

This drug was created to reduce the severity of COVID-19 and prevent its complications, while reducing the risk of transmitting the Corona virus.

Molnuporavir works by interfering with the activity of the Corona virus RNA enzyme so that it can inhibit the proliferation of the virus. After that, the Corona virus will be eradicated by the patient's immune system until it is completely destroyed.

That is why molnupiravir is considered effective for controlling the amount of virus in the body of people with COVID-19 and improving the patient's condition.

Results of Molnupiravir Clinical Trial for COVID-19

Before it is declared feasible and safe to use to prevent or treat certain diseases, a new drug or vaccine needs to be studied through phased clinical trials, namely phase I, II, and III clinical trials. So is molnupiravir.

Data from phase I and II clinical trials show that molnupiravir is safe to use and quite effective in reducing the amount of Corona virus in patients with mild COVID-19.

Furthermore, preliminary results of phase III clinical trials show that molnupiravir is also able to reduce the need for hospitalization and reduce the risk of death by about 50%, especially in mild to moderate COVID-19 patients.

Because the clinical research results so far are quite good, molnupiravir is considered to have high potential for use in the treatment of COVID-19 disease

Warning Before Taking Molnupiravir

Several laboratory studies on experimental animals have shown that molnupiravir is at risk of causing genetic abnormalities or birth defects in the fetus.

In addition, there are also studies that say that molnupiravir can reduce sperm quality. If a man takes molnupiravir during pregnancy or during sex, there is a risk of genetic abnormalities or defects in the developing fetus.

Therefore, this drug should not be consumed by pregnant women or adult men and women who are undergoing a pregnancy program. To be on the safe side, both men and women taking molnupiravir treatment need to use effective contraception.

For men, contraceptives such as condoms need to be used during sex during the molnupiravir treatment period and for up to about 3 months after therapy is completed.For women, it is recommended to use contraception during molnupiravir treatment for up to 4 days after completion of therapy or for about 7–10 days.

In general, more complete data are needed to ensure the effectiveness and safety of this drug, especially in certain groups, such as pregnant women, children, and infants. Therefore, phase III clinical trials of molnupiravir are still ongoing.

Development of new antiviral drugs, including molnupiravir, is an important step in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, keep in mind that to reduce the transmission rate of COVID-19, you still have to comply with he alth protocols, namely by frequently washing your hands using water and soap or hand sanitizer, wearing a mask when doing activities outside the home, keeping a distance from other people. others, avoid crowds, and get the COVID-19 vaccine.

If you still have questions about COVID-19 treatment, including the drug molnupiravir for COVID-19, you can chat directly with the doctor on the ALODOKTER application. In this application, you can also make an appointment with a doctor at the hospital.

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