This is how you can increase productivity during WFH

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This is how you can increase productivity during WFH
This is how you can increase productivity during WFH

For some people, working from home (WFH) due to the COVID-19 pandemic is a big challenge. In fact, many feel this makes their productivity decline. Well, if you experience it, let's see how to increase productivity during WFH in this article

Indeed, not a few people find working from home a fun thing. This is even supported by research which states that WFH can make a person more active at work and achieve a work life balance, namely a balance in work and personal affairs.

Like this, you know how to increase productivity during WFH - Alodokter

Even so, for some others, WFH has backfired. Those who do not have good relationships with their families tend to be unfocused during WFH and are at risk for burnout. In addition, work productivity can also decrease due to a lot of distraction, lack of motivation, and lack of supervision.

Tips to Increase Productivity During WFH

Decreased productivity during WFH can certainly hinder your career. So, so that work performance can increase during WFH and avoid work stress, here are some tips you can do:

1. Schedule daily routine

Start making a schedule that must be done and completed every day. Schedule time to work at a time that is good for you. For example, your mind is clearer in the morning, so make time to work in the morning.On the other hand, if you feel more productive at night, then work at night.

When it's time to rest, don't force yourself to work, okay? Close your laptop and do something fun that relaxes you.

2. Specify workplace

During WFH, avoid working in bed because it can make you fall asleep with its comfort so that you become lazy. Choose a place that has good lighting and adequate ventilation to work, such as a family room, living room, or terrace.

You can also create an atmosphere like in the office. For example, before work you take a shower first. Then, make a cup of coffee or tea, and play your favorite music playlist to cheer you up for work.

Don't forget to put your laptop at eye level, okay? The goal is that you don't get neck pain.

3. Create a challenge for yourself

Sometimes, challenges can motivate you to be more productive. Therefore, try to make simple challenges, such as finishing work before lunch time or something. From here, you can also see how much you are capable of achieving a goal.

Once you've done that, reward yourself with something simple, like watching your favorite show or buying your favorite food and drink.

4. Avoid things that interfere with work

When working, avoid things that can interfere with work concentration, for example by turning off notifications on social media or other applications that are not too important. Also, avoid working while watching television or other means of entertainment because it can break your focus.

If WFH is accompanied by taking care of your little one, you can work around this by letting him play at home or giving him assignments to keep him busy.

5. Establish communication with other people

So that the mind is not too saturated, make sure you keep in touch with other people, yes, be it a partner, family, or friends. Tell us what you went through today or brainstorm about something interesting.

Silaturahmi can be done via text message or face to face via video call. Every now and then, you can also invite them out of the house to enjoy a cup of coffee at the coffee shop or sit back in the garden. However, make sure you still apply the he alth protocols, okay.

6. Take a short break

In addition to causing back pain or neck pain, sitting staring at a laptop for too long can also increase your risk of suffering from other diseases, such as obesity, hypertension, and diabetes.

Therefore, it is recommended that you stand and move for 1-2 minutes after every 30 minutes of sitting. Movements that you can do include light stretching, walking in place, or walking to another room.

7. Take good care of yourself

In addition to applying the methods above, don't forget to keep eating he althy foods, exercising regularly, and getting enough rest, so that the body is always in top shape. With a he althy body, you will be able to complete work deadlines during WFH.

Once in a while, you can also pamper yourself by doing spa, manicure and pedicure, body scrub, and hair treatment. This can make the mood better so that work performance can increase.

Ensuring work productivity during WFH is a must, because it is a form of professionalism. So, try to practice the methods above consistently and focus so that a productive WFH can be achieved.

If WFH has made you feel so bored and frustrated that you can't complete your work obligations, don't be silent, OK? It's time for you to consult a psychologist or doctor to get the best advice so you can stay productive during WFH.

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