6 The Right Way to Moisturize Lips

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6 The Right Way to Moisturize Lips
6 The Right Way to Moisturize Lips

The right way to moisturize your lips is not to lick your lips when they feel dry. This method can actually worsen the condition of dry lips. To keep your lips moisturised, there are several things you can do

Lips do not contain oil glands. This makes the lips more susceptible to dryness and chapping if exposed to sunlight or dry air, wearing lipstick or lip balm that contains irritating ingredients, or not drinking enough water.

6 Ways to Moisturize Lips Correctly - Alodokter

Given that there are so many things that can cause dry lips, it is very important to understand the correct way to moisturize your lips.

How to Moisturize Lips

Here are some ways to properly moisturize your lips:

1. Maintain adequate body fluids

The condition of dry and chapped lips is one sign that you lack fluids in your body (dehydration). For that, drink plenty of water at least 8 glasses every day as the right way to moisturize your lips.

If necessary, use a humidifier to keep the surrounding air moist. This will affect the moisture of your lips.

2. Apply lip balm

When lips are dry, apply lip balm. Choose a lip balm with an emollient base, such as coconut oil and petroleum jelly. Lip moisturizer with this ingredient will help relieve dry lips and not cause irritation.

Avoid flavored lip balms as they will only make you lick your lips more often.

3. Choosing lip products with sunscreen

Using lip balm that contains sunscreen when you are outdoors can protect your lips from the sun. That way, the damage to the lips due to the effects of exposure to ultraviolet rays can be reduced.

4. Not biting or peeling lip skin

Exfoliating the delicate and thin skin of the lips can cause pain and bleeding lips. In addition, it can also cause irritation and slow the healing process of the lips.

5. Changing the breathing technique

Not many realize that breathing through your mouth can trigger dry lips. Replace the breathing technique with breathing through the nose as the correct way to moisturize the lips.

6. Avoid the causes of dry lips

Dry lips are not only caused by weather, sunlight and humidity. Consumption of certain types of drugs can also cause lips to lose moisture quickly, such as taking chemotherapy drugs, lithium (a drug for bipolar disorder), and vitamin A supplements.

Not only that, consuming alcoholic beverages can also cause lips to become dry and cracked. Consuming too many alcoholic beverages will interfere with the absorption of vitamins in the body, so that your vitamin needs cannot be met.

Dry lips can be a sign of illness or he alth problems, such as infection or malnutrition. If various methods of moisturizing the lips above do not work for the problem you are experiencing, you should see a doctor for appropriate treatment.

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