Knowing Positive Affirmations and How to Do It

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Knowing Positive Affirmations and How to Do It
Knowing Positive Affirmations and How to Do It

When faced with an anxious situation, have you ever said positive things to encourage yourself? For example, "I'm sure I'll get through this just fine." Well, this is called positive affirmation. For the full discussion, read this article, OK

Positive affirmations are positive statements that are said repeatedly to yourself (self-talk), which are useful for forming positive thinking patterns and getting rid of negative thoughts.

Know Positive Affirmations and How To Do It - Alodokter

Positive affirmations are useful for reducing stress, increasing self-confidence, and increasing confidence in one's own abilities (self-efficacy). The reason is, repeating positive statements can stimulate the brain to believe that these affirmations are facts.

Thus, it is very likely that your next action will also follow that assumption.

How to Correctly Do Positive Affirmations

Well, so that you can get the maximum benefits of positive affirmations, you need to do it right. The method is as follows:

1. Do it regularly

To feel the benefits of positive affirmations, of course you need to do them regularly. So, try to think of what positive affirmation sentences you want to repeat every day. Here are some examples:

  • I'm confident
  • I'm comfortable with myself
  • I love myself
  • I am grateful to have a decent job
  • I am grateful that I can live he althy until now
  • Every effort I make must bring good results

Repeat the affirmation several times in the morning before going to work or at night before going to bed. It's even better if you say it out loud, so you can hear your own positive affirmations clearly.

2. Adjust to conditions

Every positive sentence you can make a positive affirmation. However, it would be better if you use positive sentences according to your current condition.

For example, if you feel that your current job is not sufficient financially, you can use positive affirmations, such as “I am grateful to have supportive colleagues and a workplace that can support me to continue to grow”.

This is useful for reducing various negative thoughts that are detrimental as well as being able to remind you of the good things that are in your life right now.

3. Use sentences with positive connotations

To do positive affirmations, choose a sentence that also has a positive connotation, yes.

For example, if you have recently succeeded in dieting sweet foods, instead of using the sentence "I don't like sweet food anymore", you should use sentences, such as "I'm grateful now the food I eat is much he althier than before, so that my body feels more fit.”

4. Write or record positive affirmations

In addition to being spoken, positive affirmations can also be done using other methods, such as writing or recording them.

Try writing your positive affirmations on small pieces of paper or post-it notes, then sticking the paper in places where you spend most of your time, such as your bedroom, bathroom mirror, or dining table.This is useful so that you can get positive messages throughout the day.

You can also record your own voice while saying positive affirmations. That way, you can hear the recording even when you're in a crowd, for example when you're at the office or on public transportation.

5. Combine positive affirmations with concrete actions

Doing positive affirmations can indeed increase motivation and self-confidence. However, remember, without real action, the positive affirmations you do may not bring any change, you know.

So, also include positive affirmations with real efforts or actions, yes. For example, if you often get annoyed with coworkers who ask questions about your personal life, try saying positive affirmations, such as "I can definitely stay calm even when I'm upset".

Then, combine these positive affirmations with concrete actions to deal with your annoyance, such as taking deep breaths or avoiding your friend for a while.That way, your positive affirmations will succeed in bringing about positive changes in you.

Well, those are some ways to do positive affirmations that you can apply from now on. Remember, so that you can feel the benefits to the maximum, do the above methods consistently, OK.

If you find it difficult to do the methods above or if you are often overcome by negative thoughts, don't hesitate to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist, OK.

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