These are the benefits of dancing for pregnant women

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These are the benefits of dancing for pregnant women
These are the benefits of dancing for pregnant women

There are many benefits of dancing for pregnant women. Besides being able to reduce stress and improve mood, dancing can also nourish the body, strengthen muscles, and maintain body fitness during pregnancy. This is why pregnant women can try dancing as a form of exercise during pregnancy

Not only exercise that can be done by pregnant women, dancing is also a recommended sport. The ideal type of dance for pregnant women is belly dance, jazz, samba, or salsa. These dance movements are good for maintaining physical fitness, especially in early pregnancy.

These are the benefits of dancing for pregnant women - Alodokter
These are the benefits of dancing for pregnant women - Alodokter

Various Benefits of Dancing for Pregnant Women

Here are some important benefits of dancing for pregnant women to know:

1. Helps reduce back pain

One of the benefits of dancing for pregnant women is that it helps reduce back pain or pain. Regular physical activity and exercise, such as dancing, are beneficial for strengthening and toning the muscles of the back, buttocks, and thighs, as well as the joints of the body.

With strong and toned muscles and joints, the pregnant woman's body will become stronger and more energetic, less tired, and less likely to experience back pain during pregnancy.

2. Keep your weight safe

Exercising regularly and regularly turns out to also play a role in preventing excessive weight gain during pregnancy. This is important, because pregnant women who gain excess weight are at risk for he alth problems and pregnancy complications, including obesity.

Normally, the recommended weight gain during single pregnancy is around 11–15 kg, while for twins it is around 15–24 kg.

3. Train and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles

Dancing can also be useful for maintaining the strength and flexibility of the pelvic floor muscles and pregnant women's birth canal, you know. The benefits of dancing on this one can make it easier for pregnant women to push during childbirth and help push the fetus out of the womb, so delivery can be smoother and faster.

4. Coping with stress during pregnancy

Listening to the music used to accompany the dance can have an entertaining effect on pregnant women and make the mood better. This activity is also good for forming endorphins, the body's natural hormones that function to improve mood, reduce stress, and reduce pain.

5. Helps improve sleep patterns

Some pregnant women may often experience difficulty sleeping, especially when the gestational age is getting older. Well, pregnant women can overcome this complaint by exercising regularly and reducing stress, for example by dancing. This activity can help improve sleep quality, so pregnant women can sleep more soundly.

6. Supports the process of fetal development

Several studies have found that regular exercise during pregnancy plays an important role in supporting the process of fetal growth and development and increasing fetal weight. One of the good choices of exercise for pregnant women and fun is dancing.

Besides dancing, pregnant women can also do other sports, such as leisurely walking, cycling, swimming, yoga, or pregnancy exercises. In order to get these benefits, pregnant women are recommended to exercise regularly for at least 20-30 minutes every day or at least 3 times a week.

In addition to exercising regularly and regularly, pregnant women also need to eat nutritious food, reduce stress, and stay away from cigarettes and alcoholic beverages, to support fetal growth and development.

Dancing Tips According to Pregnancy Age

Although it is a safe sport, pregnant women still have to be careful when dancing. Here are some tips that pregnant women can do when they want to dance according to gestational age:

First trimester

Some things to consider when dancing in the first trimester of pregnancy are:

  • No jumping motion. Instead, do some relaxing movements.
  • Do the best you can and don't push yourself.
  • If you find it difficult to have a comfortable conversation while dancing, this is a signal that you should slow down or slow down your movement speed and take a break.

Second and third trimesters

When entering the second and third trimesters, pay attention to the following points:

  • When the stomach is getting bigger, the balance of body movements must be paid more attention.
  • Avoid moving too fast, too much spinning, or jumping.
  • Also avoid jerking movements and arching the spine back.

Besides that, there are also some important points that pregnant women should pay attention to when dancing, namely:

  • Always warm up before exercising and dancing and then cool down after. This is important to prevent injury.
  • Be careful when dancing and don't let this activity make pregnant women too tired.
  • Make sure to drink enough water before, during and after dancing.
  • Don't forget to eat snacks before dancing or other sports to meet the body's energy needs.

To be safer, pregnant women are advised to dance accompanied by an instructor or take special dance classes for pregnant women. Make sure to get a competent instructor, so pregnant women can dance safely and avoid injury.

Besides that, before starting dancing or trying other sports, it is also important for pregnant women to consult a doctor first, especially if they are experiencing certain complaints, such as pelvic pain, back pain, or have certain he alth problems during pregnancy.