How to Be a Good Listener for Children

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How to Be a Good Listener for Children
How to Be a Good Listener for Children

Mom and Dad, it's very important to listen to every little one's story well, you know. This is a form of empathy and parental love that will make children feel understood and appreciated. However, even though it seems simple, not a few parents find it difficult to do this

For some parents, being a good listener to their child may not be an easy thing. Children's stories that are just the same and seem trivial can sometimes make parents bored or lazy to listen to them.

How to Be a Good Listener for Children - Alodokter

This can interfere with communication between children and parents, you know. When a child feels that they are not being heard well, they may become reluctant to talk again.

Tips to Be a Good Listener for Kids

So that the relationship with the Little One is getting closer and closer, Mom and Dad need to train themselves to be good listeners. Here are the tips:

1. Stop the activity and watch the child tell the story

When your little one starts telling stories, as much as possible stop the activities that Mom or Dad are doing. If possible, keep your cell phone, laptop, or other gadget away, so that your attention is not distracted and stays focused on hearing your little one's words.

2. Give good response

Being a listener doesn't mean just being silent. Mom and Dad can give an appropriate response to the Little One's story. For example, smiling or laughing if the thing he tells sounds funny, or giving praise and hugs when your little one tells his success.

If she complains about something unpleasant, such as the loss of something, show empathy by saying, “Your favorite pencil is missing. I know it makes you sad. It's okay, we'll buy more later, okay.”

3. Avoid judging children

In responding to your little one's story, make sure Mom and Dad don't judge him, okay? As much as possible try not to make responses or responses that make your little one feel demanded, restrained, and unsupported.

An example of a judgmental utterance is, “Your pencil was lost because of your mistake. You should be able to take good care of it.”

Besides, don't compare your little one's complaints with other problems. This can make him feel underappreciated. If you want to give a warning or suggestion, try to convey it in a gentle tone when the child has finished telling the story.

4. Patient in listening

Children are usually still not able to convey the story well. Sometimes, he uses sentences that are difficult to understand or repeats stories. However, Mom and Dad must be patient, okay.

Well, there are various ways to be a good listener for children. Actually, this is not too difficult to do, but Mom and Dad do need extra concentration, patience, and attention.

By applying the method above, Mother and Father indirectly also teach the Little One to be a good listener. This will certainly be useful in practicing social skills and communication with other people.

If you still have questions regarding how to be a good listener for your child or about your child's he alth and development, you can also consult a psychologist or doctor.

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