It doesn't have to be goods, these 5 things can be given as gifts for children

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It doesn't have to be goods, these 5 things can be given as gifts for children
It doesn't have to be goods, these 5 things can be given as gifts for children

Appreciating something done by children can be by giving awards or prizes. However, you need to know that gifts for children don't always have to be goods, you know

In addition to making children happy, giving awards or gifts to children can encourage them to continue to behave well and maintain their achievements or success. Children also tend to have high self-esteem because they have been rewarded after successfully doing something good.

It doesn't have to be goods, these 5 things can be given asts for children - Alodokter

In addition, the benefit of giving gifts to children is that it can strengthen the relationship between children and their parents.

Award or Gift Ideas for Kids

Gifts given to children do not always have to be material or objects, such as toys, candy, or other favorite items of children. Gifts can also be simple things that can actually instill life values ​​in them. Here are some of them:

1. Praise

Although it seems simple, giving your little one praise as a reward for his success can make him feel happy. In addition, sincere praise from Mom and Dad will grow his confidence, build motivation, and train him to be able to think positively.

2. Affection

Affection is a form of expression of affection. For a family, affection is an important element that must always be owned and shown, especially from parents to their children. Well, this affection can be used as a tribute to the Little One.

The form of affection for your little one can be in the form of a hug, stroking the hair, putting a hand on the shoulder, or just a smile. Although simple, this method can touch your little one's heart and make him feel appreciated and loved.

3. Extra screen time

The time for children to watch television or access gadgets really needs to be limited. This is important to do so that your little one doesn't get addicted which can have a bad impact on their growth and development.

However, once in a while Mom and Dad can give extra screen time as a reward for the success of the Little One. This gift can also help your little one fight boredom and stress during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, when you want to give this gift, Mom and Dad must also set additional rules for the duration of screen time, for example, only 30 minutes. Make sure Mom and Dad also keep an eye on the Little One, when he is watching television or playing gadgets, okay.

4. Extra playtime with friends

In addition to extra screen time, Mom and Dad can also give your little one more time to play and socialize with their friends. If possible, let your little one invite friends to play at home or stay overnight.

However, as long as this gift is given, please pay attention to the applicable he alth protocols, OK. This is important to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 to children and other families at home.

5. Taking special time

Spending more time with your little one can also be a form of appreciation, you know. Even time is the best gift Mom and Dad can give to your little one.

When spending time with their little ones, Mom and Dad can do activities that they enjoy and like, such as playing their favorite games, cooking, exercising, watching movies at home, or just taking a walk to the park.

Tips for Giving Awards or Gifts to Children

There are several tips that Mom and Dad need to pay attention to in giving awards or gifts to children, including:

  • Explain to your little one what he has done and why he received the gift. This will let your little one know that he has done good things that Mom and Dad love.
  • Make sure awards or prizes are given when your little one succeeds in doing good things. Avoid giving gifts in return or bribing your little one's promise not to be naughty.
  • Create a gift chart for your little one. For example, Mom and Dad can put a sticker on the chart every time your little one makes a certain achievement. If you have accumulated a lot, stickers can be exchanged for prizes.
  • Consider giving gifts according to your child's age and needs.
  • Discuss with your little one about what gifts can motivate him.
  • Avoid punishing your little one with threats of not being rewarded.

That's an idea of ​​​​a prize or gift for a child that Mom and Dad can give to the Little One.

This can be done as a way to shape the character of the Little One, so that he grows and develops into a better person. Giving gifts or awards can also help him to be more motivated to achieve and become a person who has empathy.

If Mom and Dad still have questions regarding what gifts are suitable for giving to your little one or want to ask questions about parenting or child development, try to consult with a psychologist who specializes in child psychology.

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