Here are 6 Reasons Babies Don't Gain Weight

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Here are 6 Reasons Babies Don't Gain Weight
Here are 6 Reasons Babies Don't Gain Weight

Baby weight not gaining weight can be a sign that he is not getting enough milk. In fact, breast milk contains the nutrients needed for growth and development. In addition, there are several things that can also inhibit the baby's weight gain

Normal weight loss is experienced by newborns even though they are he althy and receiving exclusive breastfeeding. This condition generally lasts for the first few days after birth due to the baby's body adjustment process outside the womb.

These are 6 reasons why babies don't gain weight - Alodokter

When the baby reaches two weeks of age, his weight will return to its birth weight and begin to increase slowly with age. However, there are times when the baby's weight does not go up and this can be influenced by several things.

Various Reasons for Not Gaining Baby Weight

The following are some of the reasons that can cause a baby to not gain weight or have difficulty gaining weight:

1. Baby rarely suckles

Newborns need to breastfeed at least every 2–4 hours throughout the day for the first 6–8 weeks of birth. Feeding frequency that is less than it should be can cause the baby's weight to not increase.

2. Short feeding duration

Babies should breastfeed for at least 8–10 minutes on each side of the breast. The duration of breastfeeding that is too short can also make the baby's weight not increase. It can also happen because the baby feels tired and falls asleep before getting enough milk.

3. Uncomfortable breastfeeding position

An uncomfortable breastfeeding position or improper attachment can also affect breast milk intake. For example, a baby's lips only stick to the nipple or when his tongue is not under the nipple while feeding. This can prevent the baby from sucking breast milk.

4. Low or delayed milk production

Some breastfeeding mothers can experience delays in milk production or milk that comes out a little. This can affect the amount of milk your baby receives while feeding. As a result, the baby's nutritional intake cannot be fulfilled so that it has an impact on the baby's growth and development, including his weight.

5. Indigestion

The baby's weight that is difficult to gain can also be a sign that he is experiencing problems with his digestion, such as diarrhea, stomach acid, or food intolerances consumed by the mother.

6. Inappropriate selection of formula milk

Some mothers cannot fully exclusively breastfeed and need to be assisted with formula milk according to doctor's advice. However, the selection of formula milk and the inappropriate way of presentation can cause the baby's weight to not increase. Therefore, giving formula milk should not be done carelessly.

Besides some of the things above, there are other things that also make it difficult for the baby to gain weight, for example, mothers have nipples that are too hard, too big, or even go inward.

Tips for Overcoming Baby Weight Not Rising

If your little one's weight is difficult to gain, you should take him to the doctor so he can be checked. The doctor will find out the cause and determine the appropriate treatment according to the child's he alth condition.

In addition, there are some tips that you can try to increase the baby's weight, namely:

  • Give breast milk more often by breastfeeding your little one every time he shows signs of hunger or every 2-3 hours.
  • If your little one can suckle directly from the nipple, avoid using a pacifier or pacifier. Mothers can give a pacifier or pacifier after the baby reaches a normal weight.
  • Try to keep your little one awake for at least 20 minutes each feeding by changing the feeding position or tickling the baby's feet.
  • If you have problems with milk production, try taking breast milk boosters or supplements from your doctor.
  • Make sure your little one is not swaddled tightly during breastfeeding because it will make him comfortable and fall asleep quickly before getting enough milk.

Every baby goes through a different process of growth and development. Some experience rapid weight gain, but some are slow. However, you don't need to worry, because as long as the baby's weight increases according to his age, this won't be a problem.

If you are worried about the baby's weight not gaining weight or there are problems in the breastfeeding process, don't hesitate to consult a doctor to find out the solution.

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