Here are 5 Reasons Why Early Marriage Is Not Recommended

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Here are 5 Reasons Why Early Marriage Is Not Recommended
Here are 5 Reasons Why Early Marriage Is Not Recommended

Early marriage is a marriage carried out by a couple before reaching the age of 18 years. Besides being bad for he alth, early marriage also has the potential to trigger sexual violence and human rights violations

Through the laws and regulations in Indonesia, the minimum age for marriage is 19 years, both male and female. If you haven't reached that age, marriage can be said to be an early marriage.

These are 5 reasons why early marriage is not recommended - Alodokter

Several studies even show that early marriage at a young age has a negative medical and psychological impact and is more at risk of leading to divorce.

The Reasons for Early Marriage Are Not Recommended

In Indonesia, early marriage can occur for various reasons and one of them is to prevent sex outside of marriage. There are also parents who marry off their teenage children for economic reasons.

This is based on the assumption that by marrying off a child, the burden on parents will be reduced because the child's life will be the responsibility of the spouse after marriage.

Not a few parents also think that their children will have a better life after marriage. In fact, if the child drops out of school, it will only prolong the chain of poverty. Early marriage is also more common in the lower middle class.

Early marriage is not the only solution, because early marriage can actually lead to other things. The following are reasons why early marriage should not be carried out:

1. Increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases

Sexual intercourse performed by a partner under the age of 18, will be more at risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV. This can happen due to a lack of knowledge about he althy and safe sex, so the use of contraceptives is still very low.

2. Increased risk of sexual violence

Studies show that women who marry early are more likely to experience violence from their partners. The young age to carry out the household often makes the couple unable to think maturely.

His emotional condition is not yet stable, so it is easy to get carried away by anger and ego. In the end, the problem is not solved by means of communication and discussion, but by means of violence, both physically and verbally.

Although early marriage was originally intended to protect oneself from sexual violence, the reality is the opposite. The risk of violence increases, especially if the age gap between husband and wife is getting farther.

3. Increased risk of pregnancy

Early pregnancy is not easy and tends to be more risky. Rows of risks that can occur are not kidding and can endanger the condition of the mother and fetus.

In the fetus, the risks that can occur are premature birth and low birth weight. Babies can also experience growth and development problems because they are at a higher risk of experiencing disorders from birth, plus the lack of parental knowledge in caring for them.

Meanwhile, mothers who are still teenagers are also more at risk of anemia and preeclampsia. This condition will affect the condition of fetal development. If preeclampsia has become eclampsia, this condition will endanger the mother and fetus, and can even result in death.

4. Risk of experiencing psychological problems

Not only physical impacts, mental and psychological disorders are also at a higher risk for women who marry at a young age.

Research shows that the younger a woman is at marriage, the higher the risk of developing mental disorders, such as anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and depression, later in life.

5. Low level of social and economic risk

Not only in terms of he alth, early marriage can also be said to rob girls of their own teenage years. Youth should be filled with playing and learning to achieve a better future and financial ability.

However, this opportunity was exchanged for the burden of taking care of children and the household. Some of those who undergo early marriage tend to drop out of school, because they inevitably have to fulfill their responsibilities after marriage.Likewise with teenage boys who are psychologically not ready to bear a living and act as husbands and fathers.

Wedding is not as simple as one might think. Requires maturity in terms of physical, psychological, and emotional. This is why early marriage is discouraged and the number of early marriages should be suppressed.

Maturity mentally and financially is also an important aspect that needs to be considered before deciding to get married and build a household.

If you experience violence, both physically and emotionally, that affects your psychological condition, don't hesitate to consult a doctor or psychologist.

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