Stress During Pregnancy Can Cause Miscarriage, Myth or Fact?

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Stress During Pregnancy Can Cause Miscarriage, Myth or Fact?
Stress During Pregnancy Can Cause Miscarriage, Myth or Fact?

Stress during pregnancy can not only make pregnancy more difficult to live, but can also cause various he alth problems. In fact, many believe that stress during pregnancy can also cause miscarriage

When pregnant, a woman's body will experience many changes, including hormonal changes that can affect mood or mood. This is also one of the reasons why pregnant women are more prone to stress.

Stress During Pregnancy Can Cause Miscarriage, Myth or Fact? - Alodokter

Nevertheless, stressors for every pregnant woman can be different, ranging from work pressure, financial problems, problems with a partner or family, fear of miscarriage, to excessive worry about the process of giving birth later.

Facts About Stress During Pregnancy and Miscarriage

Actually, experiencing stress during pregnancy is a natural thing, really, pregnant women, as long as it's still in normal levels, yes. What is dangerous is when the stress that pregnant women experience is excessive or occurs continuously.

Until now, the dangers of stress during pregnancy and its direct relationship to an increased risk of miscarriage are still being debated by experts, pregnant women.

However, several studies have shown that women who experience frequent stress during pregnancy, especially uncontrolled stress, do have an increased risk of miscarriage by about 42%.

There is also a theory that says that excessive stress during pregnancy can trigger genetic disorders or problems with the fetal chromosomes, which can then cause the fetus to experience congenital diseases or even die.

In addition, stress during pregnancy is also often associated with the following conditions:

  • Premature labor
  • Baby born with low weight
  • Pregnancy complications, such as placental abruption, preeclampsia, and gestational diabetes
  • The immune system is weak, making it easier for pregnant women to get sick and get infections
  • Difficulty sleeping and frequent headaches
  • Lack of appetite or overeating (stress eating)

If uncontrolled, stress during pregnancy can even increase the risk of pregnant women experiencing mental disorders, such as depression and anxiety disorders. All of these things can ultimately have a negative impact on the condition of pregnant women.

How to Overcome Stress During Pregnancy

Because it can cause various problems, stress during pregnancy needs to be handled in the right way. Well, to deal with stress during pregnancy, pregnant women can try the following tips:

1. Find stress triggers

This is the first way pregnant women can deal with stress. Try to find out what's been bothering you so far that stresses you, so that you can find a solution more easily.

For example, if the trigger for pregnant women is a work problem that is hampered because they are pregnant, they can discuss it with their superiors. Pregnant women's superiors may be able to provide leniency, for example by allowing pregnant women to leave later than usual or work from home.

2. Consumption of balanced nutritious food

Consuming a variety of he althy foods with balanced nutrition can also help pregnant women deal with stress.The reason is, the various nutrients found in he althy foods can increase levels of hormones that are in charge of regulating mood and reducing stress, for example the hormone serotonin.

Several kinds of nutrients that are good for dealing with stress are complex carbohydrates, omega-3, B vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, and antioxidants. These nutrients can include oranges, milk, and soybeans.

3. Exercise regularly

Exercising can increase the production of endorphins, which are stress and pain relieving hormones. This can then make the pregnant woman's mood or mood better and it is also easier to control stress.

Some types of exercise that are good for stress relief as well as safe for pregnant women to do are walking, swimming, yoga, and pregnancy exercises.

4. Get enough rest

Sufficient rest is also important to do to manage stress during pregnancy. Because during sleep, the brain will control the nerves that help the body to deal with stress.

Well, to help pregnant women sleep more soundly and with quality, try installing a humidifier or diffuser with pregnant women's favorite aromatherapy in the bedroom. If necessary, ask your partner to massage the pregnant woman before going to bed, so that the pregnant woman can feel more relaxed and fall asleep quickly.

In addition to the various methods above, pregnant women can also try relaxation to reduce stress. If you have a lot of burdens on your mind, try to tell or vent with your partner, relative, or pregnant woman's family so that it doesn't become a scourge that stresses pregnant women.

If stress during pregnancy is difficult to overcome even though pregnant women have implemented the methods above, you should consult a doctor or psychologist directly.

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