Activity Ideas for Quality Time with Husband

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Activity Ideas for Quality Time with Husband
Activity Ideas for Quality Time with Husband

There are lots of activity ideas for quality time that you can do with your husband. Besides being fun, doing activities together with your husband can also increase the harmony of the relationship

Not only is me time important, quality time with your husband also needs to be routine, bro. Especially after the presence of the Little One, your time and attention are prioritized for him and don't have much time together.

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In order to keep the relationship between marriage and communication good, try to start spending time together regularly. In addition, quality time with your husband can also increase self-esteem, reduce stress, and maintain the mental and physical he alth of you and your husband.

6 Choice of Quality Time Activities with Husband

Here are some choices of quality time activities that you can try to do with your husband:

1. Sports

Exercising with your husband can be a fun and he althy quality time activity. In addition to maintaining physical fitness and he alth, exercise can also help overcome sexual dysfunction and increase libido, so that you and your husband can more easily achieve sexual satisfaction.

Mother and husband can do whatever type of sport they like, such as walking or jogging, cycling, yoga, aerobics or cardio, to muay Thai.

2. Cooking

Cooking a favorite menu together or trying a new recipe can be an interesting quality time idea for you and your husband. After you finish cooking, set the dining table like you are having a candle light dinner, by lighting a candle on the dining table. To make the atmosphere more romantic, play your two favorite music.

3. Watch movies

Mother and husband have the same taste in film genres? Try to watch movies together as a form of quality time. Sit close and hold her hand tightly or hug her to be more affectionate. Watching movies can relax the body and relieve stress.

To create a romantic atmosphere, you can light candles and aromatherapy while dimming the room lights. Mothers can also prepare he althy snacks, such as popcorn or fruit, so they can be enjoyed while watching.

After watching a movie together, Mom and husband can do pillow talk while hugging on the bed.

4. Gardening

Instead of constantly struggling with cellphones, try to fill your free time with gardening and farming. Mother and husband can plant and maintain plants that you like, ranging from various types of flowers, vegetables, herbs, to fruits.

Garden activities require cooperation with a partner. Thus, communication between mother and husband can improve. In addition, gardening can also be a means of physical exercise, relieve stress, and make you motivated to eat he althy foods.

5. Learn new skills

To make quality time more varied, try learning new skills. Mother and husband can learn to paint, scrapbook, or knit. Learning new skills is beneficial for improving brain function and building communication with a partner.

6. Enjoying the evening on the terrace of the house

Sitting relaxing on the terrace or yard at night while drinking a cup of tea can be an intimate quality time activity, you know. Here, Mother and husband can share stories of joy and sorrow or reminisce about the past by opening old photos or videos.

At this moment, Mother and husband can also discuss parenting or children's education, and evaluate what things need to be improved from the relationship between the two of you. Mother and husband can also take advantage of this moment to have a deep talk and share their feelings and thoughts.

That's the idea of ​​​​quality time activities that you can do with your beloved husband. You are both free to choose what activities you like, the most important thing is to choose the right time, so that quality time can feel more intimate and unforgettable.

When it's quality time, there's only the two of you as much as possible, okay? Make sure the children are asleep or supervised by someone else. Also keep both of your cellphones so that you are not distracted and can focus on the activities you are doing.

If you still have questions regarding how to have an ideal relationship with your husband or it is difficult to determine the right quality time with him, you can ask for tips or help by consulting a psychologist.

If necessary, Mother and husband can also undergo marriage counseling to overcome boredom or conflict in the household.

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