Is it true that often eating sweet foods can cause children to cough?

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Is it true that often eating sweet foods can cause children to cough?
Is it true that often eating sweet foods can cause children to cough?

Some parents think that sweet foods can cause children to cough. For this reason, many parents forbid their children to eat sweet foods, such as candy, chocolate, donuts, or ice cream. Actually, sweet foods can cause a child to cough, can't they?

Sweet food is liked by almost all children. This taste is indeed more easily accepted by their tongue, compared to various other flavors. In fact, some children may become addicted or addicted to sugar due to eating too many sweet foods.

Is it true that often eating sweet foods can cause children to cough? - Alodokter

Facts of Sweet Foods Can Make Children Cough

Before linking coughs and sweet foods, you need to know what a cough is.

Actually cough is not a disease. Coughing is the body's natural response or mechanism to expel mucus or foreign objects, such as germs, viruses, or dust, that enter the throat and respiratory tract. In addition, coughing can also occur when someone inhales cigarette smoke or pollution.

Based on this explanation, foods that contain sugar are not the main cause of coughing in children, bro. In addition, eating sweet foods within normal limits will not immediately cause a child to cough.

However, in some children, excessive consumption of sweet foods can make their immune system weaker. When this happens, germs and viruses can more easily attack the body and make them sick.

If your child has an infection in his throat, for example due to the flu, he will experience symptoms of coughing or sore throat. This is what makes sweet foods often considered the cause of children's coughs.

Sugar Allergy or Intolerance and Its Relation to Cough in Children

Another reason that can also cause a child to cough after eating sweet foods is an allergy or sugar intolerance. A sugar allergy reaction occurs when a child's immune system overreacts to sugar, while a sugar intolerance occurs when a child's body cannot digest or process sugar properly.

However, this incompatibility reaction to sugar is actually rare. However, children with this condition may experience coughing and other symptoms, such as diarrhea, stomach pain, swollen lips, and itching, after eating sweet foods.

In addition, a study conducted on animals revealed that the artificial sweetener sucralose can also cause coughing. However, there is no research that proves that artificial sweeteners can cause coughing in humans.

From the information above, sweet foods can indeed increase a child's risk of coughing. However, this does not apply to all children. Therefore, it's okay to let your little one eat sweet food every now and then, isn't it, Bun.

If your little one's immune system is in good condition or if he doesn't have any allergies or intolerances to sugar, consumption of sugary foods or drinks is less likely to make him cough.

Tips to Prevent and Overcome Cough due to Sweet Food

If your little one is already coughing after eating sweet foods, there are a few tips you can do to deal with it:

  • Reduce intake of sugary foods and drinks.
  • Replace sweet drinks that your little one likes with warm water or tea.
  • Give your little one a natural cough medicine, such as a mixture of lemon juice and honey. However, remember, honey should not be given to children under 1 year old because it can cause poisoning.
  • Enough rest time for your little one.

Although children are allowed to eat sweet foods, Mother still has to monitor how much sugar is consumed by the Little One in a day, yes.

This is because the habit of consuming sugary foods too much or often can actually make children more at risk of various he alth problems, including damaged teeth, diabetes, and obesity.

Children aged 2-18 years are recommended to consume no more than 25 grams of sugar or the equivalent of 6 teaspoons of sugar per day. Meanwhile, children under the age of 2 are strongly discouraged from consuming added sugar at all, Bun.

If your little one has a cough or other symptoms, such as runny nose, itching, stomach pain, or shortness of breath, every time he eats sweet foods or certain foods, you should check with the doctor.

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