Effectiveness of Valve or Ventilation Masks to Prevent COVID-19

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Effectiveness of Valve or Ventilation Masks to Prevent COVID-19
Effectiveness of Valve or Ventilation Masks to Prevent COVID-19

The use of valve masks or masks with ventilation is still an option for some people to protect themselves from exposure to the Corona virus that causes COVID-19. Is it true that this type of mask is effective in preventing the transmission and spread of COVID-19?

Masks are one of the attributes of a he alth protocol that must be used by everyone when traveling out of the house or caring for sick people. There are various types of masks that can be used, ranging from surgical masks, cloth masks, and N95 masks.

The Effectiveness of Valve or Ventilation Masks to Prevent COVID-19 - Alodokter

However, some people still choose to wear masks that are equipped with valves or ventilation. The reason is, in addition to having a good model, this type of mask is more comfortable to breathe.

Effectiveness of Masks with Valves or Ventilation

Some global he alth institutions, such as the CDC and WHO, do not recommend valve or ventilated masks for use in daily activities.

This mask is commonly used by workers in the industrial sector, because the valves or vents are able to filter out dust, pollution, and other small particles. In addition, this mask can also make it easier for users to breathe more easily.

However, the valve or ventilation mask cannot filter the exhaled breath properly. This allows the exhaled droplets of mucus or saliva (droplets) to reach other people and potentially spread the Corona virus.

In addition, valve or ventilation masks are also usually made up of only 1 layer. In fact, the criteria for a good mask to use to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 is a mask consisting of 3 layers.

So Are Valve Masks Worth Using to Prevent COVID-19?

In conclusion, valve or ventilation masks are not recommended to be used as personal protective equipment (PPE) in preventing transmission of the Corona virus. This mask may be able to protect the wearer from exposure to the virus, but it cannot protect others from COVID-19.

It is important to remember, the true function of masks is not only to take care of ourselves, but also other people around us. So, for those of you who are still wearing valve or ventilation masks, from now on, switch to other types of masks that are safe to use, OK.

The masks that are recommended to be worn at this time are double masks, namely surgical masks in the first layer and cloth masks in the second layer. Double masks are known to prevent transmission of the Corona virus up to 96.4%.

In addition to using a mask, you are also advised to frequently wash your hands with water and soap or hand sanitizer, apply physical distancing, avoid crowds, and vaccinate yourself to protect yourself from COVID-19.

If you still have questions regarding the use of masks or about COVID-19 disease, you can chat directly with the doctor through the ALODOKTER application. In this application, you can also make a booking for a COVID-19 test and make an appointment with a doctor at the hospital.

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