Know the Danger Behind Make Up Share in Jar

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Know the Danger Behind Make Up Share in Jar
Know the Danger Behind Make Up Share in Jar

The large selection of beauty products on the market makes consumers confused to determine which products are suitable. Finally, many people are interested in buying share in jar makeup with the reason that they want to try it first. Careful! Not all products sold like this are safe to use, you know

Make up share in jar is a term used to divide cosmetic products into small packages or containers. Then, these small packages will be sold again at a much cheaper price than the price of the product with the original packaging.

Know the Dangers Behind Make Up Share in Jar - Alodokter

Series of Dangers Behind Make Up Share in Jar

The price of beauty products varies. However, most of them have fantastic prices, especially if the product is made abroad, say Korean skin-care products.

In order to still be able to enjoy expensive beauty products at economical prices, not a few cosmetic sellers provide share in jar make up. Even though the price is cheaper, you need to be careful because there are several risks behind share in jar make up, including:

Cleanliness is not guaranteed

Because it's not sold in the original packaging, make up share in jar is not guaranteed to be clean. Once opened, the ingredients in beauty products can be oxidized or exposed to dirt which can degrade their quality.

In addition, bacteria may enter the product when the seller touches it and pours it into a jar or small package, especially if the seller does not wash his hands first or the packaging to be used is not washed first.

Using beauty products that are not clean and contain bacteria can certainly cause bad effects on the skin, such as acne or irritation. If these unclean products are used continuously, it is not impossible that the he alth of facial skin will be disturbed.

Cosmetic high risk expired

All beauty products have their respective lifespans listed on the original packaging. However, there may be share in jar make up products that do not include an expiration date.

Using beauty products that have expired is not a good thing, because expired products can cause skin infections. Therefore, when you want to try these cheaper make-up products, look for the expiration date on the packaging or ask the seller.

Authenticity of the product is not guaranteed

Buying share in jar make up products is not necessarily authentic and may not have a distribution permit.Using fake beauty products can be dangerous to your he alth, because these products may contain harmful ingredients, such as arsenic, mercury, beryllium, and cadmium.

These harsh chemicals can cause rashes to appear on the skin due to irritation, make the skin dry, cause inflammation on the skin, or even trigger skin cancer.

That's the danger behind share in jar make up that is important for you to know. Instead of risking the he alth of your facial skin to try a product by buying a sharing package, you should still use the product in its original packaging, which is guaranteed cleanliness and quality.

If the price is too expensive or not in accordance with the budget, you can save first until you have enough money to buy the product. While waiting for your savings to be collected, there are some tips that you can apply to make your skin look beautiful and he althy without cosmetics, namely:

  • Wash and clean your face with cleansing soap according to skin type.
  • Clean your face regularly, especially after using cosmetics.
  • Apply the correct way to clean your face.
  • Wear moisturizer and sunscreen every day.
  • Take care of skin he alth from within the body by adopting a he althy lifestyle.

If you are already using share in jar make up and have skin problems, such as itching, red, dry, rough, sore, or swollen, stop using it immediately and consult a dermatologist for treatment.

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