Enough Drinking Helps Protect Family He alth While Fasting

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Enough Drinking Helps Protect Family He alth While Fasting
Enough Drinking Helps Protect Family He alth While Fasting

While fasting in the midst of a pandemic, it is important to always take care of your body's he alth. In order to stay fit and be able to fast smoothly, you and your family need to pay attention to body fluids by drinking enough water. That way, the body is avoided from dehydration which can interfere with productivity during the fasting month

Not only for worship, fasting also has various he alth benefits. However, if the body's fluid needs are not met while fasting, dehydration can occur which is dangerous for he alth and can eventually disrupt the smooth running of fasting.

Drinking enough helps protect family he alth while fasting - Alodokter

Things You Can Do to Maintain Family Hydration

Here are some tips that you can apply to meet fluid intake for your family and yourself during fasting:

1. Set a water drinking schedule

The recommended fluid intake during fasting is no different from normal days, which is at least 2 liters or about 8 glasses per day. It's just that the pattern of drinking while fasting is different from usual. The following is a schedule for drinking water during fasting so that the body's fluid needs are still met:

  • 2 glasses of water when breaking fast
  • 4 glasses of water before bed
  • 2 glasses of water at dawn

2. Eat nutritionally balanced food

The body needs a balanced intake of nutritious food and drinks so that he alth is maintained during fasting. This can be applied by serving nutritious food during iftar.

At suhoor, serve soupy or fibrous food because it can make the stomach full longer.

Some examples of food or drinks that you can serve to your family at dawn are:

  • Vegetable and meat soup
  • Rice or wheat bread
  • Oatmeal or cereal
  • Milk or yogurt
  • Fruit juice

In addition to the food menu, you also need to pay attention to the ingredients and also how to process them. Make sure to use clean, safe, and quality ingredients so that your cooking can provide optimal benefits.

3. Don't drink too many sugary drinks at suhoor

Consuming sweet drinks is actually okay to get rid of thirst and hunger when breaking the fast. However, at dawn, Mother should not serve sweet drinks to the family.

Sweet drinks can actually make the body feel full at first. However, after 1−2 hours, blood sugar levels will drop rapidly, causing feelings of hunger and thirst.

4. Drink mineral water

Consuming mineral water is considered he althier than drinking plain water. This is because the mineral content in it can provide many he alth benefits and enable the body to remain active during fasting.

Sodium or sodium is one of the important minerals that functions to maintain the balance of body fluids, and regulates the nervous system and muscle contractions. After fasting and doing activities all day, Mother can provide mineral water to restore the fluid and mineral needs that the family needs.

There are various mineral water products on the market. So, Mother needs to be more careful in choosing quality mineral water for consumption by the family. Make sure the water source is protected, the mineral content is maintained, and the processing process is in accordance with he alth standards.

It would be even better if you use mineral water in the form of gallons for daily needs at home, so that the packaging can be reused to reduce plastic waste.

By applying the various tips mentioned above, it is hoped that the he alth of the mother and family can be maintained so that they can smoothly undergo fasting.

In addition to drinking enough mineral water and eating he althy foods with balanced nutrition, don't forget to exercise regularly and get enough rest. If you or a family member experience he alth problems during fasting, don't hesitate to consult a doctor.

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