4 Benefits of Essence for Facial Skin

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4 Benefits of Essence for Facial Skin
4 Benefits of Essence for Facial Skin

Essence is one of the prima donna products that has become a South Korean-style skin care trend. There are many benefits of essence for facial skin, starting from making facial skin better absorb serum or other skin care products, moisturizing, to preventing premature aging

Essence is a skin care product that has a fairly high concentration of active ingredients with a liquid and light texture. Often essence and serum are considered the same, even though these two skin care products have different functions.

4 Benefits of Essence for Facial Skin - Alodokter

Serum has a thicker texture and can be absorbed deep into the skin. Each type of serum is also specially made with different active ingredients to improve certain skin problems.

Ingredients Contained in Essence

Just like other skin care products, essence contains a variety of nutrients and ingredients that are good for the he alth and beauty of facial skin. Essences are generally water-based and contain:

  • Glycerin
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Vitamins, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin A or retinol
  • Minerals, including zinc and selenium
  • Plant extracts, such as green tea, fruit and aloe vera
  • The products of animal metabolism, such as snail slime.

The Benefits of Essence for Facial Skin

Essence has the main role to prepare the skin to more easily absorb other skin care products. So, the use of essence can help maximize the benefits of serum, face oil, moisturizer, or face mask.

In addition, essence can provide various benefits, such as:

1. Maintain facial skin moisture

Weather that is too extreme, bathing for too long, aging, or frequent exposure to pollution or sunlight, can reduce the skin's natural oil (sebum) production. This can make facial skin dry. To maintain facial skin moisture, you can add essence to your skin care routine.

The ingredients contained in the essence, such as hyaluronic acid and zinc, can maintain skin moisture and prevent dry skin. This content is also good for maintaining he althy skin.

2. Balance the pH of facial skin

Face skin has a natural acidity or pH level of around 4.7–5, 5.Unbalanced pH levels can cause facial skin to become easily damaged and irritated. The causes of a pH imbalance can vary, such as the use of make-up, antibacterial soaps, and excessive sun exposure.

To prevent facial skin damage and balance its pH, try regularly using essence. Essence usually has a pH that resembles the pH of normal skin, so it is safer and can reduce the risk of irritation on facial skin.

3. Protects the skin barrier from damage

Skin barrier is the outermost layer of the skin that acts to protect the skin from damage, such as exposure to pollution, chemicals, or germs. The thinner the skin barrier, the more vulnerable the facial skin is to problems, such as dry skin, acne, changes in skin color, to irritation.

Well, to protect the skin barrier from damage and keep it he althy, you can use essence. This is because the nutrients contained in the essence are good for protecting the skin barrier.

4. Prevent premature aging

So that facial skin looks younger, routinely using essence can be one way. Research shows that essence can tighten and maintain facial skin elasticity, so that the face can look younger.

Good skin care, including using essence, is also good for overcoming and preventing wrinkles on the face.

In another study, it was stated that skin care products containing plant extracts, such as essence, can act as antioxidants to prevent premature aging and protect facial skin from exposure to UV rays.

Seeing the many benefits of essence, it's a shame if you miss it. Now, there are many cosmetic brands that sell essence products that you can choose from.

To get maximum results, essence must be used in the right way. First of all, clean your face with a facial cleanser, be it micellar water, oil cleanser, or milk cleanser, to remove dirt and make-up residue on your face.Then, wash your face with facial soap.

After that, apply toner and essence on facial skin. When using essence, you just need to apply and gently pat it on the skin. After the essence is absorbed into the skin, use a serum and moisturizer that suits your skin condition or type.

If you want to do activities outside the house during the day, don't forget to use sunscreen too.

Essence is generally safe to use and suitable for various skin types. However, sometimes certain ingredients in essence are not suitable for people with sensitive skin. If you experience irritation or an allergic reaction after using essence, stop using it immediately and consult a doctor, OK.

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