More than getting rid of boredom, these are the benefits of doodling that you need to know

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More than getting rid of boredom, these are the benefits of doodling that you need to know
More than getting rid of boredom, these are the benefits of doodling that you need to know

Free doodle or doodling is often considered as a mere fad activity to get rid of boredom. In fact, the benefits of dooling are more than that, you know. Dooling is good to help clear your mind and maintain mental he alth

Doodling is a drawing activity that is made freely without any standard rules and without a thought process. These works of art usually depict the thoughts, perceptions, and moods of the creator. Even though it seems irregular, doodling will generally look unique and interesting.

More than getting rid of boredom, these are the benefits of doodling that you need to know - Alodokter

Various Benefits of Doodling

Doodling can be a place for someone to express themselves in a creative way. This activity can also be used as a form of catharsis, namely the release of emotions or complaints that are stored in the mind. Not even a few people make doodling one of their mood boosters.

In addition, the benefits of doodling are known to be good for training memory, thinking processes, and mental he alth. Here are some of the benefits that can be obtained from dooling:

1. Increase concentration

In going through the day, you certainly have to have good concentration so that the activities carried out can run smoothly. However, fatigue can sometimes break your concentration, putting you at risk of making mistakes.

To help improve concentration, try dooling! This activity can make the body more relaxed, so that your mind can be clearer and your concentration will increase. Not only better concentration, doodling is good for improving mood. heart. This activity can even be done as a way to practice ambidextrous abilities, you know

2. Improve memory

Doodling is also useful for sharpening memory and improving memory. In fact, a study shows that the habit of doodling or painting can prevent and help relieve senile symptoms in dementia patients.

When doing this activity, the brain will be trained to be able to focus more or concentrate the mind. This is thought to be the reason why doodling is useful for training memory.

3. Overcoming anxiety

Stress and anxiety that you feel when facing certain pressures or problems is normal.Usually this anxiety will disappear after the problem that caused it is resolved. However, if the anxiety you feel is severe enough and difficult to control, this can be detrimental to you, you know.

To control anxiety, doodling can be the solution. Expressing emotions through dooling will make you more relaxed, so that anxiety can subside. Doodle is also good for exercising creativity, so you can solve problems better.

4. Relieve stress

Another benefit that can be obtained from doodling is that it helps relieve stress. Research shows that artistic activities, such as painting and doodling, can activate cells in the brain that have an effect on improving mood. It is good for reducing stress.

Doodling is even a form of art activity that is good for mental he alth. Self-expression through doodling or other media, such as writing, coloring, singing, and dancing, is a good way to prevent mental disorders, such as depression and anxiety disorders.

After knowing the benefits of doodling, it's a shame if you miss it, right? So, apart from doing it to fill your spare time, you can doodling at certain times. For example, doodling before a job interview to relieve anxiety or doodling when your mind is confused because of stress.

If after doodling the anxiety and stress you feel doesn't go away or it gets worse, you should consult a doctor or psychologist, OK. That way, you can find out the right way to deal with anxiety or stress, according to the conditions you are experiencing.

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