Let's do aerobics for a he althy and fit body

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Let's do aerobics for a he althy and fit body
Let's do aerobics for a he althy and fit body

Aerobic exercise is often a sport of choice to maintain he alth and fitness, and even streamline the body. In addition to being he althy, various movements in aerobic exercise are relatively easy and can be done at home

Movements in aerobic exercise are generally fast-paced and incorporate various muscle movements in the arms, legs, and hips. This exercise also makes you breathe faster and deeper, so that it can increase the intake of oxygen in the body.

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Increasing oxygen intake in the body, can increase heart activity, burn calories, and produce energy. This is what makes aerobic exercise effective for weight loss.

You are recommended to do aerobic exercise 5–7 times per week, with a minimum duration of 30 minutes.

Types of Aerobic Gymnastics

Aerobic exercise is generally divided into two types, namely low impact aerobic exercise and high impact aerobic exercise. Here is the explanation:

Low impact aerobics

If you are just starting to try aerobics, it is recommended to do low-impact aerobics with moderate intensity, that is, for 30 minutes every day or at least 5 times a week.

Movements in this type of aerobic exercise are relatively light, such as walking in place, moving both hands, and other movements that do not involve running or jumping.

High impact aerobics

Once your body gets used to the light movements of aerobic exercise, you can increase the intensity and try high impact aerobics.

The movement in this exercise is actually not much different from the low impact movement. It just involves running in place or jumping.

Benefits of Aerobic Gymnastics

During aerobic exercise, breathing controls the amount of oxygen that enters the muscles to provide energy for movement and burn fat. Well, there are several benefits of aerobic exercise for the body, including:

  • Maintaining heart he alth
  • Improve stamina, fitness and body strength
  • Improve mood
  • Improve immunity
  • Reduce bad cholesterol in the body
  • Improve lung function
  • Maintain or lose weight
  • Increase bone density
  • Reducing the risk of developing dementia, anxiety disorders, and depression in adults

Besides that, regular aerobic exercise can also help you build muscle.

Aerobic Gymnastics Movement

Movements in aerobic exercise are relatively easy and can be done at home without tools. However, before starting aerobic exercise, don't forget to warm up for 5-10 minutes.

Movements in the warm-up are focused on large muscle groups, such as the hamstrings, and are performed at a low speed.

Next, you can start doing the movements in aerobics. You can follow the aerobic exercise videos that are widely circulated on the internet or use your favorite song and do the following movements:

1. Low impact jumping jack

Start in a standing position with your arms by your sides. Next, point your right leg out to the side and lift your right hand up. Do it on the other side.

2. Skaters

Stand up and bring your right leg behind your left leg, then bend it. In this position, bring your left arm straight down and bend your right arm. Do it quickly and repeat on the other side.

3. Lateral shuffle

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees and hips slightly, while your arms are in front of your body. Slide your body to the right by lifting your right leg, then pushing it with your left foot. Do it quickly for 60 seconds and repeat on the other side.

4. Jumping jacks

Stand with your feet together and your arms by your side. Bend your knees slightly, then jump with your legs wider than shoulder-width apart and your arms up. Next, return to the original position and repeat the movement for 30–60 seconds.

5. Jogging on the spot

Do it like a normal jogging movement for 30–60 seconds. You can combine this move with arm presses above your head, high knees, or butt kicks.

After doing all the core movements, cover with a cool down. The cooling motion is similar to the warm-up and takes about 5 minutes. Make sure you slow down and reduce the intensity while cooling down.

If some of these movements are done regularly and the intensity of aerobic exercise is increasing, of course you will get a he althy and fit body.

However, if you have certain medical conditions that limit your movement or activity, consult your doctor first to determine which aerobic exercise is appropriate and safe for you.

In addition to doing aerobic exercise regularly, make sure to also live a he althy lifestyle, including by eating nutritious foods and getting enough rest, so that you can get the maximum benefits of aerobic exercise.

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