Various Causes of Decreased Sexual Arousal in Women and How to Overcome It

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Various Causes of Decreased Sexual Arousal in Women and How to Overcome It
Various Causes of Decreased Sexual Arousal in Women and How to Overcome It

There are various causes of decreased sexual desire in women. It is necessary to know the cause of this condition so that it can be treated properly. That way, sexual relations with your partner can be vibrant again

The decrease in sexual desire in women is generally characterized by several symptoms, such as not being interested in sexual activity, not having sexual fantasies, being difficult to get aroused, to being difficult to enjoy sexual relations.

Various Causes of Decreased Sexual Arousal in Women and How to Overcome Them - Alodokter

The decrease in sexual desire in women should not be taken lightly because it can cause a loss of intimacy, it can even lead to a break in the relationship.

Causes of Decreased Sexual Arousal in Women

Here are some things that can cause a woman to experience a decrease in sexual desire:

1. Suffering from certain diseases

Women who suffer from certain chronic diseases, even if the disease is not directly related to sexual activity, may experience a decrease in sexual desire.

Some of the diseases that affect sexual desire in women include cancer, hypogonadism, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, anemia, Sheehan's syndrome or hypothyroidism, heart disease, and nervous system disorders.

2. Having sexual problems

The cause of decreased sexual desire in the next woman is the presence of sexual problems, for example, often feel pain during sex or have difficulty achieving satisfaction (orgasm).

3. Taking drugs

Consuming certain drugs is also known to decrease sexual desire in women. Drugs that can cause a woman's libido to decrease include antidepressants, high blood pressure medications, seizure medications, and birth control pills.

4. Experiencing hormonal changes

Changes in hormone levels, such as sex hormones, thyroid hormones, and cortisol hormones, can also decrease a woman's desire to have sex. Changes in hormone levels usually occur during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or entering menopause.

Changes in hormones during pregnancy and breastfeeding can cause changes in a woman's body shape and make her prone to fatigue. In addition, hormonal changes can also cause feelings of depression so that it also affects sexual arousal.

In addition, for women who enter menopause, levels of the hormone estrogen will decrease. This can cause the vagina to become dry, so sex can be painful. As a result, a decrease in libido at this time is possible.

5. Living an unhe althy lifestyle

Smoking habits, drinking alcohol in excessive amounts and in the long term, and abuse of illegal drugs are examples of unhe althy lifestyles that can reduce sexual desire in women.

6. Have a bad relationship with your partner

Emotional closeness with a partner is the key to intimacy in a relationship. When this closeness decreases, sexual arousal can also decrease, including in women,.

Examples of things that can interfere with a relationship with a partner include:

  • Poor communication
  • Lack of openness
  • Old unresolved conflict
  • Crisis of trust, for example due to infidelity

7. Suffering from psychological problems

Psychological conditions or mental he alth can also greatly affect sexual arousal, including in women.

Poor psychological conditions can cause women to feel unhappy, experience a decrease in self-confidence, and even feel that they have no self-esteem anymore. These things can ultimately reduce sexual desire in women.

Examples of psychological problems include:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety disorder
  • Depression

How to Deal with Decreased Sexual Arousal in Women

Here are ways you can do to overcome the decline in your sexual desire as a woman:


Counseling is ideally done together with a partner. By sitting together, you and your partner can discuss the conflicts that affect your relationship, including the solutions, so that decreased sexual desire can increase again.

Lifestyle changes

Lifestyle changes, such as eating a balanced nutritious diet, exercising regularly, quitting smoking, and avoiding the consumption of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs, can nourish the body which in turn can increase your sexual arousal.

Change in love style

To increase sexual arousal, try to invite your partner to have sex outside of the habit, for example exploring sex styles that have never been practiced or using sex toys during sex.

Medical treatment

If the decrease in sexual desire is caused by certain diseases or he alth problems, the doctor will provide treatment according to the underlying condition.

For example, decreased libido due to the influence of low levels of the hormone estrogen, the doctor may recommend therapy to increase levels of the hormone estrogen in the body.

The protracted decline in sexual desire in women should not be allowed to go away, especially if this has interfered with the relationship with your partner. Therefore, for women who experience this condition, communicate with your partner about the things that cause your sexual desire to decrease.

If this has been done but it still doesn't work, you should consult a doctor to get the right treatment

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