Preparing Children to Return to School After School from Home

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Preparing Children to Return to School After School from Home
Preparing Children to Return to School After School from Home

Preparing children to return to school after undergoing a period of school from home is important to do. Not just re-checking the completeness of your child's writing equipment, textbooks, and uniforms, you also have to make sure his body is fit to start learning activities outside the home

The decline in cases of corona virus transmission in several areas is one of the reasons schools are reopening. For some parents, getting their child back to school after a long period of studying at home can be a challenge.

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Tips for Preparing Children to Return to School After School from Home

Here are some tips that you can do to prepare your child to go back to school after school from home:

1. Give spirit

Your child may initially refuse to go back to school. The reason could be because they are lazy and are too comfortable studying at home, or are worried about contracting the Corona virus.

Uplift your child by telling him that at school he will be more satisfied to ask the teacher if there is a subject that he does not understand. In addition, he can meet his friends again and exchange stories about his experiences at school from Home.

To ease his fears regarding the transmission of COVID-19, inform him that every school that will open face-to-face activities must have made thorough preparations to protect the he alth of its students according to the government's advice.

To be sure, as a parent, you have the right to directly review school readiness. You can see if the school has provided hand washing facilities, set the distance between seats, and has a temperature checker. Also ask the school management whether every room is regularly sprayed with disinfectant.

2. Do a he alth check

Before your child returns to school, it's a good idea to check with your doctor, especially if he has a history of chronic diseases, such as asthma. The doctor will later confirm whether your child is physically ready to carry out learning activities at school, as well as provide tips for handling if he has a chronic disease.

Not only that, make sure your child has been vaccinated, especially the annual flu shot.

3. Remind children to always apply the he alth protocol

In order to prevent the transmission of the Corona virus in schools, children must be aware of the importance of implementing he alth protocols. Therefore, don't get tired of reminding your child to:

  • Always wear a mask
  • Diligently wash hands using soap and running water, and clean hands using hand sanitizer
  • Always keep a distance of at least 1 meter from anyone, be it friends or teachers

4. Provide nutritious food supplies

Remind your child not to snack outside and always provide him with nutritious food to keep his body he althy. Examples of foods that you can prepare as a lunch for your child at school are rice, potatoes, vegetables and fruits, as well as high protein foods, such as lean meat and fish.

In addition, you can also provide it with he althy snacks consisting of whole grains and nuts.

5. Limit activities outside the house

Some children may want to spend time playing or hanging out with friends after school.Considering that the COVID-19 pandemic is not over, it is best to limit children's activities outside the home, except for essential things. For example, taking lessons or extracurricular activities.

By making various preparations for children to return to school as described above, as well as collaborating with teachers and school administrators, it is hoped that the transmission of COVID-19 in the school environment can be prevented as much as possible.

If your child doesn't feel well before going to school or after school, especially if he has a fever, cough, runny nose, or shortness of breath, immediately take him to the doctor for an examination and treatment.

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