Don't Underestimate the Danger of Holding CHAPTER

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Don't Underestimate the Danger of Holding CHAPTER
Don't Underestimate the Danger of Holding CHAPTER

The dangers of holding defecation (defecation) should not be underestimated. The reason is, if it has become a habit, there are various he alth problems that will stalk you

There are many reasons why someone resists the urge to defecate or defecate, especially when in public places. The reason could be because there are no toilets around, lazy to wait for long toilet queues, dirty toilets, and reluctant to use public toilets.

Don't Underestimate the Danger of Holding CHAPTER - Alodokter

Holding a bowel movement once in a while is actually not a big problem. However, if this is done continuously, there is a danger of holding back defecation which is worth watching out for.

The Danger of Holding CHAPTER

Some of the he alth problems that can occur due to frequent holding of defecation are:

1. Constipation

When you hold a bowel movement, the lower intestine will absorb water from the stool that has accumulated in the rectum, making the stool harder. This condition can make it difficult for feces to pass and constipation is ultimately unavoidable.

2. Hemorrhoids or piles

Constipation due to holding back a bowel movement can also trigger hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids. When you are constipated, you may have difficulty defecating, so you need to push hard to get the stool out.

Well, this habit of straining during bowel movements can cause the blood vessels in the anus and lower rectum to swell, triggering hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids are characterized by several symptoms, one of which is bloody stools.

3. Anal fissure

The danger of holding your next CHAPTER is that you are at risk of developing an anal fissure. This condition can occur because hardened feces that are difficult to expel can injure or tear the skin tissue and also the mucosa that lines the anal canal or canal.

Anal fissure is characterized by several symptoms, including pain during bowel movements and bloody stools.

4. Fecal incontinence

The habit of holding bowel movements can make the muscles in the rectum stretch, so you are at risk for fecal incontinence. This condition causes a loss of sensation to defecate, so stools may come out suddenly without realizing it.

Everyone has a different tolerance in holding back the urge to defecate, so the impact of holding back defecation can be different for each person. However, in order to avoid the danger of holding a bowel movement, you are still advised not to delay going to the toilet if the urge to defecate arises.

To help smooth bowel movements, apply a he althy lifestyle. The trick is to increase the consumption of fibrous foods, drink enough water, and exercise regularly.

If the method has been applied but you still have problems when defecating, you should consult this with your doctor. The doctor will conduct an examination to determine the cause and provide appropriate treatment.

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