Cheek Dimples, Disorders That Make the Face Look Sweet and Attractive

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Cheek Dimples, Disorders That Make the Face Look Sweet and Attractive
Cheek Dimples, Disorders That Make the Face Look Sweet and Attractive

Dimples are small dimples on one or both cheeks that are naturally formed, but can also be made surgically. Many people say that dimples are attractive and make your face look cuter when you smile

The presence of dimples can be temporary or permanent. Some people have dimples from birth, then fade when they reach adulthood. Sometimes, new dimples appear with age or after an injury to the facial muscles.

Dimples, a disorder that makes the face look cute and attractive - Alodokter

Dimple Formation Process

Actually, dimples are formed because facial muscles have abnormalities or deformities. Most dimples are formed due to a variation in the structure of the facial muscle called the zygomaticus major. This muscle helps the corners of the mouth lift when smiling.

In an ordinary person, the zygomaticus major muscle extends from the cheekbones to the corners of the mouth. However, in people with dimples, the end of the zygomaticus major muscle, which is at the corner of the mouth, splits in two.

One end sticks to the corner of the mouth, while the other end sticks under the corner of the mouth and the skin above the corner of the mouth. When you smile, this muscle movement causes dimples to form.

However, there are also studies which state that genetic factors also play a role. So if you have dimples, chances are your child will have them too.

Dimples are usually visible on both cheeks. However, there are some people who have a dimple on only one side of the face.

How To Make Artificial Dimples

For those of you who have normal facial muscles, but want to sweeten your face with dimples, you can take surgery. Dimple-making surgery is usually short, i.e. 20-30 minutes, and does not require hospitalization.

During the procedure, the anesthesiologist will give a local anesthetic to numb the cheek area. After anesthesia, the plastic surgeon begins to make stitches between the cheek muscles and the skin overlying the cheek muscles.

The stitches will cause small scars on the cheeks or in other words, artificial dimples have been formed. After the operation, you don't have to go back to the doctor to remove the stitches on the cheek, because the threads used can be absorbed by the skin on their own.

Dimple surgery is generally permanent. However, reoperation can be done if the dimple fades, disappears, is too large, or is not symmetrical.

Dimples can indeed make a person's appearance look cuter. For those of you who want to have dimples but are afraid to undergo surgery, you can use make-up to outsmart it.

Risks of Dimple Surgery

Although rare, dimple surgery also carries a risk of complications. The following are some of the complications that can occur:

  • Excessive bleeding at the surgery site
  • bruise
  • Swelling
  • Facial nerve damage
  • Infection
  • Surgery failure, such as asymmetrical dimples
  • The appearance of scar tissue

If you want to have dimples and intend to get them through plastic surgery, consult your doctor to find out if this procedure is suitable for you, how to prepare it, and what the risks are.

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