Causes Children Urinate Frequently and How to Overcome It

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Causes Children Urinate Frequently and How to Overcome It
Causes Children Urinate Frequently and How to Overcome It

There are various causes for children to urinate frequently (BAK). On the one hand, this condition is a sign that the child is not dehydrated. However, on the other hand, urinating too often can also indicate a child suffering from certain diseases

Normally, children aged 5 years or older urinate 4–7 times a day, depending on how much they drink. A child can be said to urinate frequently if only during the day he has urinated 8 times or more.

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Causes Children Urinate Frequently

It has been mentioned earlier that a child who urinates too often can be a sign of a he alth problem that he is suffering from. Here are some conditions that can cause a child to urinate frequently:

1. Polyuria

Polyuria is one of the most common causes of frequent urination in children. The symptom is the child feels the urge to urinate during the day more often than usual. However, urine does not really come out or only comes out in small amounts.

Children who suffer from polyuria can urinate 30-40 times every day. This condition most often occurs in children aged 3-5 years, but can also occur in adolescents.

The cause of polyuria is not known for certain, but this condition can occur because the child feels stressed or anxious.

2. Urinary tract infection

In addition to frequent urination, children with urinary tract infections (UTI) also generally experience other symptoms, such as pain when urinating, cloudy or bloody urine, fever, and abdominal pain.

UTIs are caused by bacteria that cause infection or inflammation in the bladder wall.

3. Incomplete urination

When the child is engaged in activities, such as playing or studying, the child may rush to the toilet so that urination is not complete. This causes the urge to urinate to persist because the bladder is not completely emptied.

4. Inflammation of the intimate organs

The next cause of frequent urination in children is inflammation of the genital area or intimate organs. In girls, inflammation can occur around the vagina and this condition is called vulvovaginitis.

Meanwhile, in boys, inflammation can occur in the foreskin or the head of the penis. This condition is known as balanitis.

The inflammation can be caused by a bacterial or fungal infection, an allergic reaction, or improper use of soap.

5. Urinary disorders

Urinary disorders or urinary dysfunction are divided into two types. The first is neurogenic micturition dysfunction, which is a disorder of the nervous system in the brain or spinal cord that affects bladder control.

The second is non-neurogenic voiding dysfunction, which is a disorder caused by weak bladder muscles, blockage of urine flow, or incomplete urination habits.

In addition to being the cause of children urinating more often, this condition also makes children often feel that their urination is incomplete. The flow of urine when urinating also looks slow.

6. Diabetes mellitus

Children who suffer from diabetes mellitus generally urinate more often and the amount of urine excreted is also large. In addition, children are also easily thirsty, so the desire to drink more water arises.

7. Diabetes insipidus

Diabetes insipidus is the cause of children's frequent urination which rarely occurs. Children who suffer from this condition generally have antidiuretic hormone (ADH) disorders, so that the absorption of water by the kidneys is disrupted.

As a result, the body will lose fluids more easily, causing frequent urination and extreme thirst.

How to Overcome Children Frequent Urination

Handling for children to urinate often depends on the cause. To help the doctor make an accurate diagnosis, you can take a history of your child's urination and defecation habits.

The doctor will also perform a physical examination and laboratory tests, such as urine analysis and blood tests, if necessary.

If the results of the examination have shown the cause of the child's frequent urination, there are several treatments that can be done, including:

Schedule to toilet

As an initial treatment, you can schedule your little one to go to the toilet every 2 hours, even though he doesn't feel like urinating yet.

With this method, the child will gradually learn to recognize the body's signals to urinate so that bladder emptying is maximized. In addition, the lag time to urinate becomes more regular.

Double voiding

Another handling option is double voiding. This method is done by training the child to urinate 2 or 3 times each time he goes to the toilet to make sure his bladder is completely empty.

Biofeedback training

This method is carried out with the help of a therapist, to train children to focus on the bladder muscles and relax them when urinating.


If the cause of the child's frequent urination is related to infection or disease, the doctor will prescribe medication according to the condition suffered. For example, antibiotics to treat urinary tract infections and alpha blockers for nonneurogenic voiding dysfunction.

Children are also advised to avoid foods and drinks that contain caffeine, such as tea, coffee, and soda, because they can increase urine production.

Children's frequent urination or even bed-wetting may be inconvenient. Blaming or punishing is not the best solution. Your little one may be stressed or anxious about certain things, so they need your support.

In addition, always accompany your little one to the toilet to ensure that he completely empties his bladder.

If you find signs that your little one is urinating too often, you should take him to the doctor for an examination. That way, the cause of the child's frequent urination can be identified and given the appropriate treatment.

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