4 Wrong Introvert Personality Myths

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4 Wrong Introvert Personality Myths
4 Wrong Introvert Personality Myths

People who have an introverted personality are often seen as shy and don't like to socialize. In fact, this is not necessarily true, you know. There are some introvert personality myths that need to be clarified and important to know

Introvert is a personality type that focuses more on feelings and thoughts that come from within. People with introverted personality traits, such as the INFP or INFJ or INTP personalities, tend to recharge when they are alone.

4 Wrong Introvert Personality Myths

This is in contrast to extroverted people who can feel more energized and energized when interacting with other people.

Myths about Introvert Personality

Not a few people still misinterpret introverted personalities, so they misunderstand and have difficulty interacting with people who have this personality.

Therefore, here are some myths surrounding introverted personalities that need to be rectified:

1. Introverts don't like to socialize

Even though they prefer to be alone, that doesn't mean introverts don't like to socialize. An introvert can certainly have relationships with other people and be able to socialize well.

However, in contrast to extroverts who tend to have a fairly broad circle of friends and can be close to anyone, introverts usually prefer to prioritize the quality of relationships and are close to only a handful of people.

If extroverts can easily confide in all their friends, introverts may prefer to devote all their attention and complaints to only their close friends who they trust.

2. Introverts are definitely shy

Although they look more reserved, that doesn't mean introverts are shy and insecure people. Many introverts like to talk and interact with other people.

It's just that, introverts prefer to get to know someone first before engaging in a lot of conversation. He also feels that he doesn't have to talk if he doesn't have to.

Sometimes, introverts prefer to pay attention to the people around them and be lost in their own thoughts. For others, this attitude may be very boring. In fact, introverts prefer to observe things around them.

3. Introverts feel unhappy

This myth is certainly not true. A person's happiness cannot be measured by his personality type alone. Introverts can still be happy, really, as long as they feel comfortable and can accept themselves.

Because of their unique nature, some people consider introverted personalities who tend to be cold as abnormal and need to be overcome. In fact, there is nothing wrong with this.

4. Introverts are at risk for mental disorders

Another myth attached to introverted personalities is that they are more at risk of developing mental disorders. This is certainly not true. A person's risk of suffering from a mental disorder cannot be judged solely by his personality type.

There are many factors that can increase a person's risk for mental problems, ranging from psychological trauma, stress levels, lifestyle, to a family history of mental disorders.

Those are the myths about introverted personalities that you need to know. So, don't get me wrong again, okay.

Keep in mind that everyone has a unique personality, regardless of their introverted or extroverted personality type. Instead of comparing which personality type is better, the most important thing is the ability to accept differences and love yourself.

This attitude will make it easier for you to build he althy relationships with other people and have good self-confidence or self-esteem.

If you feel the need to consult about the difficulties you face as an introvert or you have not been able to see and realize the potential that exists within you, do not hesitate to ask a psychologist.

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