5 Benefits of Cycling for Body He alth

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5 Benefits of Cycling for Body He alth
5 Benefits of Cycling for Body He alth

The benefits of cycling are not only for recreation or as a means of transportation, but also good for the he alth of the body. By cycling regularly, you can avoid various he alth problems, from stress to heart attacks

Cycling is one of the most practical and easy-to-do sports options. This is what makes bicycles a favorite sport for various groups, from children to adults.

5 Benefits of Cycling for Body He alth - Alodokter

This sport also does not burden the muscles or joints, so it is safe to do. By cycling for at least 30 minutes every day, you can get various benefits that are good for your he alth.

Some Benefits of Cycling

The following are some of the benefits of cycling when done regularly:

1. Maintain a he althy heart and blood vessels

Cycling can optimize the performance of the cardiovascular system, namely the heart and blood vessels, by strengthening the heart muscle and increasing blood circulation throughout the body.

With good cardiovascular system performance, the risk of stroke, heart attack and high blood pressure can be reduced.

2. Maintain he althy muscles and joints

Cycling can strengthen the muscles of the legs, buttocks, thighs, calves, hips, stomach, arms and shoulders. Not only that, cycling is also good for joints and has been shown to be beneficial for people with osteoarthritis.

3. Maintain weight

Cycling can maintain an ideal body weight, because it can burn fat and increase the body's metabolic rate. Cycling for just 1 hour can burn at least 600 calories.

To get these benefits optimally, you can combine the habit of cycling regularly with a balanced nutritious diet to prevent and overcome obesity.

4. Reducing stress level

When cycling, the body will reduce levels of stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, in the body. Not only that, seeing and enjoying the scenery while cycling can also reduce the stress experienced.

5. Reducing the risk of diabetes and cancer

One of the other benefits of cycling is that it reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. This is because cycling can maintain a stable production of the insulin hormone in the body.

Cycling can also reduce the risk of cancer, including colon cancer and breast cancer.

Ensure Cycling Safely

So that you can get the various benefits of cycling, there are several things you need to consider before starting cycling. One of them is the safety factor. Well, here are some safe tips when cycling that you need to know:

Check the condition of the bike before use

Before cycling, check all bicycle components, from brakes to tire condition. Leaving any part of the bike inoperative can increase your risk of getting injured.

Wear head, elbow and knee protection

The head, elbows and knees are parts of the body that are prone to injury when you fall off a bicycle. Make sure the three parts of the body are well protected to prevent fatal effects if they fall.

Make sure you are easily seen by other drivers

When cycling at night or on busy roads, make sure you are easily visible to other riders. You can wear light colored clothes or put on a bicycle light.

Keep your attitude while driving

Cycling must still pay attention to other road users, both motorized vehicle users or pedestrians. If the street does not provide a dedicated track for bicycles, do not take away the rights of pedestrians by riding a bicycle on the sidewalk.

Make sure you also always signal other road users when they are about to turn or stop. Do not do it suddenly, because it can endanger you and other road users. The important thing that you need to always remember, obey the traffic signs that apply.

In order not to be thirsty and dehydrated, you also need to bring a drink when cycling. The drink can be water, or an isotonic drink that contains electrolytes.

You can get various benefits of cycling by doing it regularly. If you have certain medical conditions that limit your movement, consult your doctor first before starting to cycle regularly.

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