8 Easy Ways to Overcome Stress During Pregnancy

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8 Easy Ways to Overcome Stress During Pregnancy
8 Easy Ways to Overcome Stress During Pregnancy

Various changes that occur during pregnancy often cause stress during pregnancy. Although this condition is generally normal, pregnant women still need to manage stress well so it doesn't cause he alth problems for themselves and the fetus

Stress during pregnancy can be caused by various things, ranging from hormonal changes, a heavy pregnancy process, or tension before delivery. When experiencing stress, pregnant women will find it difficult to control their emotions.

8 Easy Ways to Overcome Stress During Pregnancy - Alodokter

If not managed properly, the stress that arises during pregnancy can increase the risk of preeclampsia, miscarriage, premature birth, to low birth weight babies. When often stressed, pregnant women can also experience various complaints more often, such as nausea, canker sores, and no appetite.

Recognizing the Symptoms of Stress During Pregnancy

Although it is common, prolonged or chronic stress during pregnancy can affect the condition of pregnant women and fetuses. When stressed, pregnant women will experience several symptoms, such as:

  • Headache
  • Sleep disorders
  • The pulse is beating fast
  • Worry or anxiety appears
  • Easy to anger
  • Eating disorders

The role of husband and family is very important in managing stress experienced by pregnant women. If stress during pregnancy can be handled properly, the risk of he alth problems for the mother and baby can be reduced.

How to Overcome Stress During Pregnancy

There are several ways that pregnant women can do to deal with stress during pregnancy, including:

1. Get enough sleep

During sleep, the brain will control the nerves that help the body to deal with stress. However, getting enough sleep is not an easy thing for pregnant women to do, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy.

To get a comfortable sleep, pregnant women can adjust the room temperature to keep it cool or sleep in a certain position.

2. Shower with warm water

Bathing with warm water is known to have a calming effect, so it can reduce anxiety and stress during pregnancy. However, make sure the water that pregnant women use is warm water, not hot water.

3. Listen to your favorite music

Listening to music for at least 30 minutes is believed to reduce cortisol levels or stress hormones in the body. Thus, pregnant women can handle stress during pregnancy.

4. Do exercise regularly

When exercising, the body will release endorphins which can relieve stress. Choose sports that are safe for pregnant women, such as yoga, pilates, walking, or swimming. Exercising for 10–20 minutes can help pregnant women deal with the stress they are experiencing.

Women can also try meditation techniques, such as mindfulness, to deal with anxiety, stress, and depression.

5. Eat he althy food

Stress can make pregnant women feel like eating or snacking at any time. Make sure the heavy meals or snacks that pregnant women consume are he althy and nutritious. Avoid consumption of fast food and excess sugar. In addition, drink plenty of water and don't skip breakfast.

6. Ask others for help

Stress during pregnancy can be caused by work pressure, both at home and at work. To overcome this, pregnant women can ask their partner for help to do housework or ask a coworker for help if the work is too burdensome physically or mentally.

7. Take a special class for pregnant women

One of the causes of stress during pregnancy is the fear of childbirth and caring for a newborn. To overcome these fears, pregnant women and their partners can take prenatal and antenatal classes that are usually available in hospitals.

8. Express your complaint to the closest person

Tell about what pregnant women feel to the closest people, both family, partners, and closest friends. Their support is certainly very meaningful for pregnant women in dealing with stress during pregnancy.

Also avoid comparing pregnant women with other people, because everyone has a different experience.

Stress during pregnancy is a normal thing experienced by pregnant women. However, this condition must be managed properly so that it does not develop into chronic stress that affects the he alth of both mother and baby.

If some of the methods above are not able to cope with stress during pregnancy, pregnant women are advised to consult a doctor so that they can be given the right treatment.

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