How to Overcome Babies Like Biting While Breastfeeding

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How to Overcome Babies Like Biting While Breastfeeding
How to Overcome Babies Like Biting While Breastfeeding

One of the challenges that are often experienced by breastfeeding mothers is that babies like to bite while feeding. The pain and blisters that are caused often make it difficult for breastfeeding mothers to give breast milk. To overcome this, there are several ways that can be done

Babies like to bite while breastfeeding usually occurs when he is or has teething. Even though it's normal, the baby's habits certainly make many breastfeeding mothers feel uncomfortable. However, this problem can be overcome by first identifying the cause of the baby biting while feeding.

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Why Babies Like to Bite While Breastfeeding

There are several reasons why babies like to bite while feeding, including:

Teething process

When a baby is teething, his gums will itch. This makes the baby look for ways to reduce pain and itching in his gums. One of the ways he does this is by biting his nipples while feeding.

Incorrect attachment

Incorrect latch on is marked when the nipple is between the baby's gums or teeth, without being covered by the tongue. This makes the nipple prone to biting when the baby loosens the sucker or changes position.

His attention is distracted

As he gets older, the focus of the baby's attention will be more easily distracted. When something catches his attention, the baby will reflexively turn his head so he doesn't accidentally bite the nipple.

Is sick

When you have a fever or have an ear canal infection, your baby may find it more difficult to suck and swallow. This can cause the baby to accidentally bite the nipple.

milk flow too slow

Babies like to bite while feeding can be caused by a slow flow of milk, which makes them impatient, especially when they are hungry.

In addition to the reasons above, baby biting while feeding can also occur when the baby is bored, sleepy, wants attention, or just wants to play.

How to Overcome Babies Like Biting While Breastfeeding

There are several ways to deal with baby biting while feeding, including:

1. Don't overreact

When your nipple is bitten, you may startle and suddenly scream. This reaction can also make your little one startle, then cry and refuse to breastfeed again.

The way to deal with it is to take a breath and stay calm. Tell her slowly that biting is causing you pain and that she shouldn't do it again. Even though your little one doesn't necessarily understand what you are saying, he will understand from the movements you make.

2. Removing breasts

When your nipples are bitten, you definitely want to pull your breasts out as soon as possible. However, this can actually make the nipples more attractive.

To release the breast, slide your finger in the corner of the baby's mouth, then slowly release the nipple. You can also push your little one to the chest, briefly pressing his face to the breast that covers his nose and mouth. This method will automatically make him open his mouth and release a suction.

3. Massaging baby's gums

If your little one bites because he is teething, massage his gums with clean fingers. You can also give your baby a teether toy before or after breastfeeding to relieve itchy gums.

4. Breastfeeding in a quiet place

Breastfeeding in a quiet place can reduce various things that can distract your little one while breastfeeding. When breastfeeding, you can give your full attention by making eye contact and talking to her.

When your little one starts to fall asleep, you can try to slowly release the breast from his mouth.

5. Blushing before feeding

If your little one bites because the flow of milk is not smooth, you can try to massage the breast before giving milk. You can also express briefly so that the milk flows, so your little one doesn't have to struggle while feeding.

Babies like to bite while breastfeeding is normal. However, it is important to take steps to overcome it so that it does not become a habit and you are more comfortable when breastfeeding.

However, if you are already experiencing sore nipples or sore nipples, you can treat it by applying a special cream, using a cold compress, or breastfeeding on the part of the breast that is not painful.

If the pain in the nipples caused by the baby biting while breastfeeding doesn't go away or the baby still bites when breastfed, you can consult a doctor or a lactation consultant to find out the cause and solution.

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